Botswana to translocate 500 elephants to Mozambique

2022-04-14 - Gaborone, Botswana.

Two years after pledging 500 elephants to Mozambique as a gift, Botswana says the animals are set to be translocated in the near future. This was revealed by President Mokgweetsi Masisi during a three-day state visit by Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi that ends on Good Friday. Last year, it was reported that conservationists had discovered female elephants in Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park which had been born without tusks.

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Belfast Zoo elephants set to be rehomed at new facility

2022-04-13 - Belfast, United Kingdom.

Two much loved elephants at Belfast Zoo are to leave for a new home the City Council has confirmed on Wednesday. Asian elephants Dunja and Yheeto – both in their 40s - are among the largest residents at the zoo. The article claims falsely the elephants were "rescued" from "from the circus and logging trade".

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Seven jumbos intercepted on trucks near Teesta bridge. The animals were reportedly heading to Gujarat from the Northeast

2022-03-30 - Jalpaiguri, India.

The state forest department intercepted seven elephants on trucks from near the Teesta bridge on the outskirts of Jalpaiguri town on Tuesday. The animals were found from six trucks reportedly heading to Gujarat from the Northeast. Foresters called up vets who examined the elephants. Five are male, one is female and one is a male calf. Last year, two elephants on trucks stopped at the same spot. They were on the way to a temple in Gujarat. The drivers had valid papers.

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Sidor Noke captured, returned to wildlife sanctuary

2022-03-22 - , Thailand.

Wildlife officials have captured "Sidor Noke", a roaming bull elephant who has been raiding farms in Krabin Buri district and killed one villager and returned him to his home in Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary. While on the run, the solitary elephant was blamed for the death of a 73-year-old woman foraging in the forest and caused extensive damage to orchards and field crops.

On March 15, Rungnapha Pattanaipul, deputy chief of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservatio...

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Injured elephant in Coimbatore under treatment in special kraal

2022-03-03 - , India.

Tribal people and officials of Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) on Tuesday night set up a special kraal with wooden flooring at Kozhikamuthi to treat an elephant that has severe injuries in the leg. The elephant, aged 4 to 6 years, was rescued in Ulanthy last week. It suffered injuries in the right hind leg and has difficulty walking on three legs.

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Tamed elephants belonging to conservationist shifted to Rampura Elephant Camp

Elephants belonging to wildlife researcher Prajna Chowta being shifted from Dubare forest to Ramapura Elephant Camp in Bandipur

2021-12-16 - Madikeri, India.

The tamed elephants belonging to conservationist and wildlife researcher Prajna Chowta are being transferred to the possession of the forest department. Residents across Dubare alleged that the elephants from Prajna’s foundation often raided the crops and caused immense damage. Following this, in August this year, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) and Chief Wildlife Warden ordered the confiscation of the elephants owned by Prajna.

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Four palace elephants shifted to Gujarat

2021-12-15 - Mysore, India.

Four of the six elephants that were under the custody of the erstwhile royal family of Mysuru, have been shifted to Gujarat. The elephants which are in transit, left Mysuru late on Tuesday night and will be housed at Elephant Care Centre at Jamnagar. Seetha, Ruby, Gemini and Rajeshwari are being transported in trucks and the Forest Department veterinarians had certified that they were fit to travel.

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Salvador Dali And Ashtrays: Why Air India Flew An Elephant To Geneva

2021-12-12 - Cadaques, Spain. Jake Hardiman

In 1967, Air India asked surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, to design a series of porcelain ashtrays for their passengers. Following Dalí’s request for a baby elephant as his payment for the ashtrays, Air India also flew both the trainer and the elephant to Europe from Bangalore/Bengaluru. While Dalí was based in Spain at the time, the elephant’s journey by air only took it as far as the Swiss city of Geneva.

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Elephant Nature Park Updates

2021-11-22 - Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Article about the relocation of Asian female elephant Kamu to ENP.

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Assam: Baby jumbo finds new home after mother’s death by electrocution

2021-11-02 - Bankura, India.

A three-month-old male orphan baby of an electrocuted elephant from Assam’s Golaghat district has found a second home at the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC).

The centre, the only rehabilitation shelter for wildlife orphans in northeast India, is now the abode of this baby after it was rescued by Golaghat division’s forest team.

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Third baby elephant of the year born at Pattaya garden

2022-09-29 - Pattaya, Thailand.

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The third baby elephant of the year has been born at a botanical garden in Pattaya. The Nong Nooch Gardens Pattaya welcomed the new little member, named “Ply Poa Jai” wi...

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Iconic elephant ‘Bandula’ dies at Dehiwala Zoo

2022-09-23 - Colombo, Sri Lanka.

‘Bandula’, the elephant found at the National Zoological Garden in Dehiwala is reported to have passed away today. According to reports, the elephant had suddenly fallen ill and had collapsed twic...

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Nepal: Koshi Tappu, CNP welcome baby elephant same day

2022-08-29 - Katmandu, Nepal.

The elephant named Loktantra Kali at the Koshi Tappu gave birth to a female calf while Saraswoti Kali at the CNP delivered a male calf on Sunday. Nepal is presently home to around 225 indigenous eleph...

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Vietnam strives to conserve elephants

2022-08-21 - Hanoi, Vietnam.

A national action plan on elephant conservation in Vietnam for 2023-2032 with a vision for 2050 is being developed. According to the summary report of the General Department of Forestry, the number of...

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Elephant owner and elephant killed by landmine explosion at the border of Sagaing Region and Kachin State

Sheldon Hooper, 27, was charged and killed by a large elephant at a safari park

2022-08-21 - Indawgyi, Myanmar.

The owner of the elephant and the elephant were killed when a landmine exploded at the border of Sagaing Region and Kachin State on August 15 according to sources. They stepped on the landmine when a ...

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Notorious poacher who trafficked in ivory, rhino horns jailed five years

2022-08-20 - Toronto, Canada.

Moazu Kromah, 49, made millions of dollars poaching and trafficking elephant tusks and rhino horns from endangered animals and was ordered caged Thursday in New York. Kromah and two confederates were ...

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Elephant in Thailand rips keeper in half after being overworked in hot weather

2022-08-20 - Khuekkhak, Thailand. Lean Jinghui

An elephant in Thailand has reportedly ripped its mahout (elephant rider or keeper) in half after being overworked. According to The Thaiger, the incident happened at a rubber plantation in the Phang ...

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India sees more deadly elephant attacks as habitats shrink

2022-08-19 - New Delhi, India.

Elephant-human conflicts have been on the rise in India as a result of habitat loss, and experts say such conflicts could get worse unless forested areas are protected and migration corridors restored...

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Howdah elephant Abhimanyu starts carrying 300-kg sand bags

2022-08-18 - Mysore, India.

A week after embarking on a practice walk on Jamboo Savari route, howdah elephant Abhimanyu entered the second phase of training on Thursday. The 300-kg sand bags were mounted on Abhimanyu after perfo...

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Karachi elephants to receive German dental treatment

2022-08-16 - Karachi, Pakistan.

Global organisation, Four Paws have sent their veterinarian doctors to Karachi for the treatment of elephants. The team of four doctors have arrived in Pakistan to treat four female elephants- two of ...

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Andhra Pradesh: ‘Kumkis’ add a dash of grandeur to I-Day celebrations in Chittoor - Jayanth and Vinayak served the Forest Department for more than two decades

Forest staff performing puja to kumkis Jayanth and Vinayak at Naniyala camp at Ramakuppam in Chittoor district.

2022-08-15 - Chittoor, India.

Jayanth (65) and Vinayak (52) are kumkis (trained elephants), faithfully serving the Forest Department in Chittoor district for more than two decades. Housed at the Naniyala forest camp in the Koundin...

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Dudhwa Tiger Reserve mahouts will now record their experiences to help understand elephants better

2022-08-14 - Lakhimpur Kheri, India.

Chief conservator of forests and field director, Sanjay Kumar Pathak has decided to document the experiences of these veteran mahouts so that not only the park authorities but other mahouts also benef...

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Mastodon bones discovered during West Michigan road project work

2022-08-12 - Grand Rapids, United States.

Several people are working to unearth mastodon bones in a West Michigan field after they were discovered during a road construction project. The bones are expected to be donated to the Grand Rapids Pu...

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Meet the mahouts at Theppakadu camp in Mudumalai who have transformed the lives of their elephants

Wasim, the star kumki, with his mahout Eswaran

2022-08-11 - Theppakadu, India.

Wasim’s trunk pauses midair as he reaches for a bamboo shoot. His mahout, M Eswaran, calls out a command from a distance and in a split second, the elephant changes course. The shoot is far from his...

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Myanmar: Elephant gives birth to rare white calf in Rhakine

2022-08-08 - Rhakine, Myanmar. Team Udayadani

A rare white elephant took birth in western Myanmar. The white elephant was born last month in western Rakhine state and currently weighs 180 pounds (80 kilograms) and its height is 2.5 feet (70 centi...

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A haven for retired elephants

Visitors up close with the elephants.

2022-07-18 - Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Travelling north from Siem Reap city on National Road 64 for about 90 minutes you will reach a wooden bridge that will take you to the headquarters of the Kulen Elephant Forest Sanctuary, the home of ...

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Madhya Pradesh: Elephant held captive in chains after killing its mahout at Panna Tiger Reserve

2022-07-10 - Panna, India.

A 55-year-old elephant is held captive in chains and shackels in the Panna Tiger Reserve after the elephant brutally killed its mahout Budhram Rotiya on Monday, said an official. Ever since its arriva...

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Dasara elephants may be finalised by July 30

2022-07-08 - Mysore, India.

The Forest Department will initiate the process of identifying elephants for Mysuru Dasara-2022 from July 15 onwards and the jumbos for the finale is likely to be finalised by July 30, ahead of the Da...

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Scientists have brought 28,000-year-old woolly mammoth cells back to life.

2022-05-26 - Higashiosaka, Japan. Jackson White

During a remarkable scientific experiment, cells from a woolly mammoth that died over 28,000 years ago began displaying “signs of life.” The cells from the 28,000-year-old specimen began to displa...

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Second oldest camp elephant dies in Tamil Nadu

2022-04-27 - Pollachi, India.

Vijayalakshmi, the second oldest camp elephant of the Tamil forest department, died at the age of 71 in the Kozhikamuthi elephant camp in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) on Wednesday afternoon. The ...

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