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Zambia elephant population tenth of 1981 numbers: first pan-African census in over 40 years

2015-10-02 - Lusaka, United States.

This count will be the first pan-African census in over 40 years. Researchers in 20 countries will use a standardized method of data collection to create an up-to-date picture of the status of Africa...

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Kansas City Zoo announces addition of young male elephant

2015-10-02 - Kansas City, United States. Chris Oberholtz

The Kansas City Zoo is preparing for a bull African elephant arrival sometime this month. Tamani, meaning "hope" in Swahilli, will turn 10 on Oct. 17 and will join six female African elephants that ar...

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4-year-old elephant dies at OKC Zoo

2015-10-02 - Oklahoma City, United States.

The Oklahoma City Zoo announced Thursday that 4-year-old female Asian elephant Malee died. Malee died about 4 a.m. Thursday. Zookeepers noticed that Malee was moving slower than usual Wednesday aftern...

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Beloved Elephant Yongki Killed by Ivory Poachers, Sparks Outrage

2015-09-29 - Lampung, Indonesia.

According to AFP, it€s suspected that Yongki, a 35-year-old Sumatran elephant who helped patrol Indonesian jungles, died of poisoning at the hands of poachers. His maimed and bloodied body was ...

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Conflict with elephants leaves 660 dead in Odisha in a decade

2015-09-24 - Odisha, India.

The elephant population in Odisha continues to rise and so do cases of man-elephant conflict. Even though the government claims to have spent crores under various projects to avert such conflict, 660 ...

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Because We Could All Use Some Baby Elephants in Our Lives

2015-09-22 - London, United Kingdom.

Not that we need a reason to celebrate baby animals, because we actually love them all day, every day, but today is National Elephant Appreciation Day, so we wanted to highlight these specific babies....

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Hogle Zoo"s 55-year-old elephant hoisted to its feet with crane

2015-05-10 - SALT LAKE CITY, United States.

The oldest African Elephant in North America and long-time Zoo favorite, 55-year-old Dari, had a difficult time getting up Friday morning. Zoo staff found Dari lying on the ground unable to stand. Wit...

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Mammoth genome sequence completed

2015-04-23 - Stockholm, Sweden. Pallab Ghosh

A US team is already attempting to study the animals´ characteristics by inserting mammoth genes into elephant stem cells. The new genome study has been published in the Journal Current Biology,...

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Probably Not A Hero But Definitely A Mascot, Jumbo The Elephant Is Honored With A Statue At Tufts

2015-04-21 - CRAIG LEMOULT, United States.

Maybe you remember your school mascot as just a classmate in a bear outfit or some kind of pirate get-up at half time. But at Tufts University, the mascot is much more specific €´ and hist...

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Lanka’s first Open Air Zoo will open today

2015-04-20 - Pinnawala, Sri Lanka.

The Zoological Department in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports took the initiative of expediting the construction work of the Open Air Zoo in Pinnawala. It has come up in adjacent ...

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