Eleventh International Workshop on Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV)

2017-05-15 - London, United Kingdom.

The next Elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus workshop will be hosted by the Zoological Society of London. Lectures will take place at ZSL London Zoo, and the practical aspect of the workshop will be carried out by studying the elephant herd at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

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Wildlife experts demonstrating ultrasonography at an international workshop on Asian elephants and tigers organised on the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University campus at Pookode.

Kerala Wildlife workshop stresses need for more research

2016-02-04 - Pookode, India.

An international workshop on Asian elephants and tigers being held at the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) headquarters at Pookode stressed the need for more research on diseases affecting the animals. The four-day programme is being organised by the Centre for Wildlife Studies under KVASU in association with the Department of Forests and Wildlife.

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Elephant Ultrasound Course at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, UK

2014-09-11 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

This hands on course will be held September 11./12., 2014 and aims to teach the basics in elephant reproduction management. During the practical session, each participant will practice transrectal ultrasound on trained Asian elephants in different reproductive stages. Furthermore, basic set ups for semen collection and AI will be demonstrated.

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Elephant Care Workshop

2013-02-24 - Phoenix, United States.

Elephant Care Conference Tusks & Feet, Husbandry & Health Hosted by the Phoenix Zoo Featured Speakers: Dr. Murray Fowler, Alan Roocroft- Elephant Consultant, Dr. Dave Fagan- Dental Specialist Topics to be covered: Husbandry and Medical Access to Captive Elephants, Restraint in Protected Contact, The Importance of Radiographs and Radiograph Techniques, General Elephant Foot Anatomy, Habitat Design That Supports Elephant Foot Health, Elephant Foot Care Tools and Other Equipment, Elephant Foot Care...

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Elephant-Keeper meeting and Protected Contact Training Workshop

2011-12-01 - Vienna, Austria.

This course is organized as a workshop and will be basically in English language but main parts of the presentations and live performances will be provided in English and German. The Workshop is turned specifically to elephant keepers but also veterinarians and curators. The program includes theory - and a lot of practical parts and deals with various topics related to advanced protected contact methods. Beneath preparation for birth, foot care and enrichment there is a special part of the works...

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III eastern and central Europe Elephant Workshop

2010-05-03 - Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic.

The 3rd Elephant Workshop is organised by and will take place in our Zoo Dvur Kralove a.s. in the Czech Republic. The workshop is mainly for the zoos in eastern and central Europe so it will be presented in English and Russian.

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Seminar on Man-elephant conflict

2008-01-20 - Madikeri, India.

A seminar on Man-elephant conflict organised by the World Wildlife Fund and the Coorg Wildlife Society was held at the Kannika International Hotel in Kushlnagar on Saturday. In his chief guest address, the Chief Wildlife Warden and the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, I B Sreevatsav said that the department would send a proposal to the state government to tranquilize the rogue elephants, for which the locations had already been identified by the district forest officials. The deputy conse...

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4th International Workshop on Ultrasound & Assisted Reproduction in Elephants,Rhinoceroses and Giraffes: 17. - 20.01.2008

2008-01-17 - Ontario, Canada. African Lion Safari & Game Farm Ltd., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

The "4th International Workshop" hosted by the African Lion Safari in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute of Zoo- and Wildlife Research holds the unique opportunity to learn first hand about reproductive biology, management, pathology and assisted reproduction technologies in the 3 Megavertebrate species; elephant, rhinoceros and giraffe:

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Indonesia seeks ways to save Sumatran elephants, tigers from extinction

2007-09-04 - Jakarta, Indonesia.

Efforts to save Sumatran elephants and tigers from extinction gathered steam in Indonesia on Friday, with government officials and experts vowing to find ways to protect the species' dwindling habitat from loggers and farmers. More than 100 people were taking part in the three-day meeting that wraps up Friday. There is a very real danger that Sumatran elephants (and tigers) could become extinct in our lifetime if we don't come to agreement at this workshop, said Christy Williams of the World Wil...

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Third annual workshop in Ultrasound and Assisted reproduction in elephants and rhinoceroses

2007-01-18 - Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Place: African Lion Safari. Instructors: Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, Dr. Frank Goeritz, Dr. Robert Hermes, Dr. Peter Rich, Charlie Gray. Main topics of the workshop are the application of different Ultrasound Technologies (2D, 3D, Color-flow-Doppler etc), the methods of semen collection, and artificial insemination techniques.

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Mahout Vishnu with elephant

Angry elephant hurls mahout to death in TVM

2021-01-17 - Aruvippuram, India.

An aggressive elephant threw its mahout away in a fit of rage resulting in his death. The second mahout identified as Kollam native Vishnu (21) died in the attack by the elephant. The incident took pl...

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Three new baby Asian elephants born in SW China"s Yunnan

2021-01-16 - Yunnan, China.

At the Xishuangbanna Tropical Zoo, an Asian elephant named Ya Long also gave birth to a baby weighing 95.4 kilograms on January 14, after 21 months and 19 days of pregnancy. "It took the baby elephant...

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Karl Mogensen pets Asha, an African elephant at the Natural Bridge Zoo. The USDA has cited the zoo for allowing visitors to ride Asha without her handler always nearby.

Natural Bridge Zoo fined for animal welfare violations

2021-01-15 - Natural Bridge, United States.

The fifth violation involved Asha, the zoo’s prized elephant, and regulations that require dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, bears and elephants to be under the control of an experienced hand...

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Gerry Cottle dead: Circus legend who ran away at 15 is killed by coronavirus

2021-01-14 - Bath, United Kingdom. Vikki White

Gerry Cottle, who died in hospital in Bath this week aged 75 after contracting coronavirus, became one of Britain’s best known kings of the Big Top. From virtually nothing he went on to run a string...

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Rangers Accused of Demanding Cash to Return Marauding Elephants to Murchison Park

2021-01-10 - Masindi, Uganda. Michael Ojok

According to Jalon Lakony Opiyo, every time elephants invade the area, each member of the village which has around 2000 households contributes 1000 shillings for the rangers to rescue them and their p...

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Citing health of animals, Centre says stop elephant rides at Jaipur Amer Fort

2021-01-06 - Jaipur, India. Deep Mukherjee

Ride operators however, say that they ensure care for the elephants and that closing down the rides would be unfair to mahouts. “How is it fair for this report to say that the elephant rides should ...

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An Elephant Response Unit (ERU) patrolling Way Kambas National Park for illegal activities.

For Sumatran elephant conservation, involvement of local people is key

2021-01-05 - , Indonesia. Roderick T.J. Buiskool

For critically endangered Sumatran elephants, a long-term conservation strategy must include community involvement in mitigating human-elephant conflict, in addition to securing viable habitats. In or...

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India Forest Dept. uses elephants for tracing leopards in Koppal

2021-01-04 - Koppala, India.

Two days after a person who was away for cattle grazing at Virupapura Gaddi Islet in Gangavathi taluk was killed by a leopard, the Forest Department officers have introduced two elephants — a male a...

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Giants roam near Yangon

2021-01-04 - Yangon, Myanmar.

Khaing Khin Sein lives at the Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp, which is located between Taik Kyi and Okekan township in the Yangon Region. More than 30 elephants reside at the Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Cam...

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Thanks to an approach with NASA, the researchers have managed to detect elephants from space with an accuracy comparable to that of the human eye, using satellite images ‘Worldview 3’, owned by ‘Maxar Technologies’, which can ‘comb’ and collect more than 5,000 km. in a single image, in a matter of minutes.

Wow! Elephants can now be tracked and counted from space

2021-01-03 - , United States.

The department of Zoology, the Machine Learning Research Group in collaboration with Dr. Olga Isupova, from the University of Bath and Dr. Tiejun Wang, professor at the University of Twente, in the Ne...

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2021-01-02 - Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation has taken steps to use drone technology to chase away elephants; the pilot project of this initiative is currently underway in the Naula Rathgammana area in Mat...

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Smugglers jailed as China"s "biggest ever" illegal ivory network smashed

2021-01-02 - Beiiing, China.

Seventeen people have been jailed -- including two for life -- for running China's largest ever ivory smuggling ring, moving millions of dollars of tusks from west Africa into the mainland's vast dome...

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Rejected Elephant Calf Shifted To Kapilash Rescue Centre

2021-01-01 - Berhampur, India.

The elephant calf, rejected by its herd in Sunapur village on the outskirts of Berhampur has been shifted to Kapilash rescue centre in Dhenkanal district. The baby elephant was part of the herd which ...

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