Wisconsin Photographer, Historian Explore Relationship Between Humans And Elephants In Captivity

2015-11-13 - Oregon, United States.

A new book, written and photographed by two Wisconsin residents, aims to capture the unique relationship between humans and elephants at the Oregon Zoo. They discuss some of the most powerful photos in the book, and talk about some of the big questions surrounding elephants in captivity.

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Review of Caitlin O"Connell"s book "Elephant Don"

2015-04-09 - Washington, United States.

Portions of the book are adapted from postings to the New York Times’s Scientist at Work blog that the author wrote while also publishing more technical presentations of her findings in Ethology Ecology & Evolution, American Zoologist and other peer-reviewed journals. When not doing fieldwork in Namibia, O’Connell is an instructor at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

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On My Nightstand: ‘Water for Elephants’ tender and cruel

2014-05-04 - Punta Gorda, United States. Barbara J. Bonsignore

Jacob reminisces about his earlier life as chief medical person for all of the animals at the Benzini Bros. Circus – “The Greatest Show on Earth.” He dropped out of vet school before his final exam so was technically a vet student. The author gives us a varied tapestry of life behind the scenes at “The Big Top” – the greed, poverty, violence, tawdriness, friendship and caring between the circus employees.

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Jumbo - The Unauthorised Biography of a Victorian Sensation by John Sutherland, book review

2014-01-31 - London, United Kingdom.

As John Sutherland, the literary academic, admits from the off, his new book is not really an “unauthorised biography” at all. It is more a treasure trove of elephant ephemera with eye-popping statistics on trunks, dung and sex and characters from Chunee, Jumbo’s popular show animal predecessor in London, to Disney’s fictional Dumbo.

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New Book: Behemoth: The History of the Elephant in America

2013-08-25 - , United States.

Ronald B. Tobias has written a comprehensive history of the elephant in America. As tragic as it is comic, this enthralling chronicle traces this animal´s indelible footprint on American culture.

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Topsy: New book tells how Thomas Edison electrocuted an innocent elephant at Coney Island

2013-07-01 - New York, United States. Michael Daly

In a tale that interweaves the electrocution of a gentle giant with the electrification of America and the rise of the big top circus, �Topsy,� by Michael Daly, reports that the elephant of the title was not the serial man-killer portrayed by those seeking to justify her wrongful execution.

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Burma river cruise: upriver to an Asia of yesteryear

2013-04-27 - Mandalay, Myanmar.

In 1920, a young Cornishman, James Howard Williams, arrived here to take up a post with Bombay Burma. His remarkable Boy’s Own adventures in the jungles of Burma are brilliantly captured in his memoir, Elephant Bill. It includes a nail-biting account of him leading the exodus of elephants and refugees across the mountains to India in 1942 as the Japanese advanced across the Chindwin. His elephant companies then returned to pave the way, literally, for Allied tanks, armoured cars and soldi...

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2 NY business owners charged over elephant items

2013-04-11 - New York, United States. pseudocode

Authorities say the two owners of a Hudson Valley auction house have been charged with breaking state law by trying to sell stools made from elephant feet. The owners, 60-year-old Mary Jo Garlo and 70-year-old Peter Francese, were charged with illegal commercialization of wildlife.

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Book recalls the day the circus called in for a pint

2012-09-07 - London, United Kingdom.

this wonderful image from 1930 at the Elephant and Castle in Sultan Road, Buckland is among more than 200 pictures in Ron Brown’s fascinating and nostalgic book looking at Portsmouth’s pubs past and present. The elephants were provided by a visiting circus. How much landlord Tom Jones had to pay to set up this PR stunt is not recorded. The chap holding the bucket, which, allegedly, was filled with beer, was the aptly-named Charlie Phillpots, the pub’s cellarman.

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Save Asian elephant, urges Sukumar

2012-02-12 - Bangalore, India.

Legend has it that King Alexander did not dare cross the Ganges as there were about 6,000 elephants stationed there. And seated on an elephant, he defeated Porous in the Battle of Jhelum. And Alexander had one Indian elephant in his army! Sharing such nuggets of elephant lore, Prof. Raman Sukumar of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc at the release of his book ´The Story of Asia´s Elephants -- An ecological and cultural history of the Asian elephant´, at Strand book stall...

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Mahout Vishnu with elephant

Angry elephant hurls mahout to death in TVM

2021-01-17 - Aruvippuram, India.

An aggressive elephant threw its mahout away in a fit of rage resulting in his death. The second mahout identified as Kollam native Vishnu (21) died in the attack by the elephant. The incident took pl...

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Three new baby Asian elephants born in SW China"s Yunnan

2021-01-16 - Yunnan, China.

At the Xishuangbanna Tropical Zoo, an Asian elephant named Ya Long also gave birth to a baby weighing 95.4 kilograms on January 14, after 21 months and 19 days of pregnancy. "It took the baby elephant...

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Karl Mogensen pets Asha, an African elephant at the Natural Bridge Zoo. The USDA has cited the zoo for allowing visitors to ride Asha without her handler always nearby.

Natural Bridge Zoo fined for animal welfare violations

2021-01-15 - Natural Bridge, United States.

The fifth violation involved Asha, the zoo’s prized elephant, and regulations that require dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, bears and elephants to be under the control of an experienced hand...

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Gerry Cottle dead: Circus legend who ran away at 15 is killed by coronavirus

2021-01-14 - Bath, United Kingdom. Vikki White

Gerry Cottle, who died in hospital in Bath this week aged 75 after contracting coronavirus, became one of Britain’s best known kings of the Big Top. From virtually nothing he went on to run a string...

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Rangers Accused of Demanding Cash to Return Marauding Elephants to Murchison Park

2021-01-10 - Masindi, Uganda. Michael Ojok

According to Jalon Lakony Opiyo, every time elephants invade the area, each member of the village which has around 2000 households contributes 1000 shillings for the rangers to rescue them and their p...

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Citing health of animals, Centre says stop elephant rides at Jaipur Amer Fort

2021-01-06 - Jaipur, India. Deep Mukherjee

Ride operators however, say that they ensure care for the elephants and that closing down the rides would be unfair to mahouts. “How is it fair for this report to say that the elephant rides should ...

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An Elephant Response Unit (ERU) patrolling Way Kambas National Park for illegal activities.

For Sumatran elephant conservation, involvement of local people is key

2021-01-05 - , Indonesia. Roderick T.J. Buiskool

For critically endangered Sumatran elephants, a long-term conservation strategy must include community involvement in mitigating human-elephant conflict, in addition to securing viable habitats. In or...

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India Forest Dept. uses elephants for tracing leopards in Koppal

2021-01-04 - Koppala, India.

Two days after a person who was away for cattle grazing at Virupapura Gaddi Islet in Gangavathi taluk was killed by a leopard, the Forest Department officers have introduced two elephants — a male a...

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Giants roam near Yangon

2021-01-04 - Yangon, Myanmar.

Khaing Khin Sein lives at the Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp, which is located between Taik Kyi and Okekan township in the Yangon Region. More than 30 elephants reside at the Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Cam...

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Thanks to an approach with NASA, the researchers have managed to detect elephants from space with an accuracy comparable to that of the human eye, using satellite images ‘Worldview 3’, owned by ‘Maxar Technologies’, which can ‘comb’ and collect more than 5,000 km. in a single image, in a matter of minutes.

Wow! Elephants can now be tracked and counted from space

2021-01-03 - , United States.

The department of Zoology, the Machine Learning Research Group in collaboration with Dr. Olga Isupova, from the University of Bath and Dr. Tiejun Wang, professor at the University of Twente, in the Ne...

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2021-01-02 - Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation has taken steps to use drone technology to chase away elephants; the pilot project of this initiative is currently underway in the Naula Rathgammana area in Mat...

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Smugglers jailed as China"s "biggest ever" illegal ivory network smashed

2021-01-02 - Beiiing, China.

Seventeen people have been jailed -- including two for life -- for running China's largest ever ivory smuggling ring, moving millions of dollars of tusks from west Africa into the mainland's vast dome...

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Rejected Elephant Calf Shifted To Kapilash Rescue Centre

2021-01-01 - Berhampur, India.

The elephant calf, rejected by its herd in Sunapur village on the outskirts of Berhampur has been shifted to Kapilash rescue centre in Dhenkanal district. The baby elephant was part of the herd which ...

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