Elephant Ultrasound Course at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, UK

2014-09-11 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

This hands on course will be held September 11./12., 2014 and aims to teach the basics in elephant reproduction management. During the practical session, each participant will practice transrectal ultrasound on trained Asian elephants in different reproductive stages. Furthermore, basic set ups for semen collection and AI will be demonstrated.

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Senior Elephant Keeper

2012-09-24 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

A staff of 8 currently cares for a breeding herd of Asian elephants comprising one breeding bull, 5 cows and 3 calves, the youngest being born in 2012. The bull is managed in protected contact but the females and calves are managed in free contact which allows all of the elephants other than the adult male to be walked around the 600 acre zoo site with the keepers ever day.

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Whipsnade Zoo Baby elephant arrives after 700 day wait

2011-10-20 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

After a 700 day pregnancy, the newest addition to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s Asian elephant herd was born at 12:15am this Tuesday. Despite this, the new calf (who has yet to be named) is also the smallest elephant ever born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo weighing in at just 104kg, around 16 stone, at birth. At first keepers were not sure whether he would be able to reach his mother’s milk but he quickly learnt to get on his tip-toes and has had no problem feeding.

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2011-02-08 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

If you are currently an Elephant Keeper and would like to join ZSL’s world class Elephant team, please apply by sending a full CV including a covering letter detailing your suitability for the above position to: Human Resources Department, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Whipsnade, Nr Dunstable. Beds LU6 2LF or email

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George the elephant now weighs 60 stone

Jumbo Ultrasound Shows Zoo"s Baby Elephant

2010-11-15 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

An incredible ultrasound image of a baby elephant in utero has been released by ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. The picture shows George at three months - 19 months before his birth in May this year. Incredibly his trunk is already visible. The Zoo used 3D ultrasound scanners to monitor the health and well-being of mum and baby. Now six months old, George weighs around 60 stone and is part of the herd of Asian elephants at the Zoo in Dunstable. His keepers say he loves to play in the seven-acre paddock with ...

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Rob Conachie

Life at The Zoo for Rob

2010-11-04 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

A FARMER’S son from South Somerset, who is now an elephant keeper at Whipsnade Zoo, will star in an upcoming documentary that goes behind-the-scenes at the UK’s largest zoo. Rob Conachie, 27, will feature in The Zoo, a three-part documentary series that shows the goings-on of the Zoological Society of London – beginning at 8pm on Tuesday, November 9, on ITV1.

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Elephant keeper - Whipsnade Zoo

2010-08-09 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo has a world class Elephant programme having had six calves born in seven years; with the current herd consisting of 3.6 Asian Elephants. The programme is primarily free contact; with Elephants given daily walks through the Zoo and provides public education demonstrations. ZSL has and continues to contribute to research and AI projects.

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eBay search for Whipsnade elephant calf name

2010-04-29 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

Zoo keepers stumped coming up with a name for their new baby elephant have decided to auction the naming rights on eBay to raise money for conservation. For the first time ever, keepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo are inviting bidders on eBay to help name their newest arrival – a male baby elephant born on 12 April.

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Azizah the elephant

Crushed elephant keeper"s lucky escape

2010-01-14 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom. SOPHIE SCOTT

A zoo keeper who was crushed by a three tonne adult elephant escaped with arm injuries. He was walking Asian elephant Azizah, aged 25, at Whipsnade Zoo when he was pushed up against a tree by her head on New Year’s Eve. The keeper was transferred to Luton and Dunstable Hospital with bruising to his arm while Azizah, was put into a ‘managed protected area’ where she was looked at.

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Baby Elephant Calf Makes Her Debut At British Zoo

2009-07-28 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

A female elephant calf made her public debut today at the Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, England. The calf, who has yet to be named by zoo staff, weighs 126kg (278lbs) and was born earlier this month. The zoo has seen its elephant population decline this year. Two of its elephants died from an elephant herpes virus. Zoo director David Field told the BBC the baby calf's birth was important for the zoo's endangered species program. "The female calf represents another important addition to our herd...

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Tragic: Little Leelee

Virus kills another Whipsnade Zoo baby elephant

2009-05-22 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom. Anne O’Donoghue

Leelee, a two-year-old female Asian elephant, has been struck down by the same deadly virus which killed Donaldson, a one-year-old male calf. She began showing signs of elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus (EEHV) on Friday, May 15, and immediately began undergoing treatment. The little jumbo was also given a blood plasma transfusion, but sadly died on Sunday, May 17. Vets battled for 50 hours in vain to try to save her.

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Sadness as Whipsnade baby elephant dies. Vets and keepers fought in vain to save calf

2009-05-07 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom. Anne O'Donoghue

There was sad news at Whipsnade Zoo this week, when little baby elephant Donaldson, pictured, died just two days after falling ill. Keepers noticed that the one-year-old male calf seemed off-colour during routine morning checks on Thursday, April 30. Vets carried out a follow-up investigation and found that the calf was showing early symptoms of a virus which only targets elephants. Donaldson was given drugs straight away to fight the infection, known as elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (E...

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What?s going on over there Mum? The world?s so big!

Baby weighs in at a healthy 220lbs. Jumbo delivery at Whipsnade

2008-02-12 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom. Mick King

Elephant keepers at Whipsnade Zoo are celebrating the birth of a second calf to mum Azizah. The male arrived on January 11 at 1.10pm after a short labour in what was the first daytime delivery of an elephant calf at the zoo. He weighed in at a healthy 220lbs and was up on his feet within 20 minutes. Whipsnade press officer, Christine Drabwell, said: "He is now ready to enjoy some time outdoors with his mother, but also likes his daily nap." Keepers had been expecting the birth and were keeping d...

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The baby just fell out

2008-02-07 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

The senior elephant keeper at Whipsnade Zoo describes the arrival of the latest addition to their herd of rare Asian elephants

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Click below to see a video slideshow of the animal training

Training elephants? Not on your nellie! Whipsnade staff hosting daily demonstrations

2007-06-05 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

The famous herd of elephants at Whipsnade Zoo are being put through their paces to show why their training is so important. Keepers will be hosting daily demonstrations of the training methods they use in the zoo's purpose-built elephant arena. Among the things elephants have to be trained to do is lifting their feet. This is so that they can be cleaned and vets can check them.

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The baby rhino and newborn elephant meet the public for the first time at Whipsnade Zoo

Born to be wild at Whipsnade. Baby rhino and elephant make their debut

2007-02-07 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

Look at the size of these babies! This little rhino calf and elephant calf made their public debut at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park yesterday. The Asian elephant calf was born on January 19 to mum Kaylee and dad Emmett. Both of the animal youngsters are female and their birth delighted Whipsnade keepers and staff. The baby elephant is Kaylee's second-born. The little jumbo weighed 170lbs at birth, and was just under one metre tall.

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2006-08-22 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom. Pressrelease Whipsnade Animal Park

A new Asian elephant has joined the thriving herd at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park. Karishma arrived this month from Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, where she was born and raised. Keepers say Karishma is settling in extremely well with the rest of the herd, which includes fellow females Kaylee, Azizah, Maya and Lucha and youngsters Euan and Anneena.

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Elephant Kaylee and calf with their zoo keeper

Day in the life of an elephant keeper

2004-04-30 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

I arrive at elephant house with the other elephant keepers at around 7.30am, and we are usually greeted by the female elephants who flap their ears at us. The first job of the day is to sweep the barn out before preparing a hearty breakfast for all the elephants. Breakfast usually consists of nutritional pellets with vitamins and bananas - breakfast is just as important for elephants as it is for people!

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Whipsnade Wild Animal Park celebrates its first Asian elephant birth

2004-03-30 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom.

Whipsnade Wild Animal Park's new born Asian elephant calf will be making her first public appearance today, Tuesday 30th March. The female calf, born on Tuesday 16th March to 22 year old mother, Kaylee, weighed in at a whopping 149kg on arrival and will be an important addition to the breeding programme for this endangered species.

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19 Headlines about Elephants from Whipsnade2014-09-11 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Elephant Ultrasound Course at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, UK 2012-09-24 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Senior Elephant Keeper 2011-10-20 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Whipsnade Zoo Baby elephant arrives after 700 day wait 2011-02-08 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - ELEPHANT KEEPER - Whipsnade Zoo 2010-11-15 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Jumbo Ultrasound Shows Zoo"s Baby Elephant 2010-11-04 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Life at The Zoo for Rob 2010-08-09 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Elephant keeper - Whipsnade Zoo 2010-04-29 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - eBay search for Whipsnade elephant calf name 2010-01-14 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Crushed elephant keeper"s lucky escape 2009-07-28 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Baby Elephant Calf Makes Her Debut At British Zoo 2009-05-22 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Virus kills another Whipsnade Zoo baby elephant 2009-05-07 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Sadness as Whipsnade baby elephant dies. Vets and keepers fought in vain to save calf 2008-02-12 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Baby weighs in at a healthy 220lbs. Jumbo delivery at Whipsnade 2008-02-07 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - The baby just fell out 2007-06-05 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Training elephants? Not on your nellie! Whipsnade staff hosting daily demonstrations 2007-02-07 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Born to be wild at Whipsnade. Baby rhino and elephant make their debut 2006-08-22 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - WHIPSNADE’S NEW ARRIVAL IS JUMBO-SIZED 2004-04-30 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Day in the life of an elephant keeper 2004-03-30 - Whipsnade, United Kingdom - Whipsnade Wild Animal Park celebrates its first Asian elephant birth

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