File photo of an open coal mine in the Ledu area of Tinsukia district of Upper Assam. No forest cover can be seen for miles in these hills which were once covered with thick forest cover due to continous mining.

NGT notice to PSUs on threat to Assam elephant corridor

2014-02-05 - Calcutta, India.

National Green Tribunal on Tuesday sought a response from the Centre and Assam government on a petition alleging that work of some state-owned companies in and around the Dehing-Patkai wildlife sanctuary in Tinsukia district was affecting the environment. Based on the petition, the tribunal also issued notices and sought responses of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Oil India Ltd, National Highways Authority of India, Coal India Ltd and various state authorities. The petition alleged that their activ...

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To the Elephant Graveyard: A True Story of the Hunt for a Man-killing Indian Elephant by Tarquin Hall

2009-11-05 - Calcutta, India.

Hall, who is a London-based journalist, joins the hunter, Dinesh Choudhury, on a mission to shoot a tusker that had been killing people brutally in Assam’s forests. The hunt brings Hall face to face with the crucial issues of man-animal conflict that always stand in the way of effective conservation, whether of forests or of animals.

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A scene from the documentary

15 minutes of ground reality

2008-10-31 - Calcutta, India. CHANDAN SARMAH

It has been 30 years since Tapan Sinha gave us Safed Hathi — the heartwarming tale of two orphaned children and their protector, a white elephant. Thirty years and the dynamics between this large animal and rural India have changed enough to prompt an Assamese filmmaker to name his documentary on elephant movement A Friend Turned Foe. Selected for the non-feature section of the Indian Panorama for the forthcoming International Film Festival of India, 2008, A Friend Turned Foe, by Gautam Saikia...

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Centre for Ecological Movement volunteers at Rajhat, in Hooghly, where they work to save the peacock

Protectors of peacock, jumbo

2008-03-06 - Calcutta, India.

“Our objective is to fight poaching and preserve endangered species and their habitat by extending financial assistance to the local people and helping them manage their resources better,” said Purnima Dutta, the secretary of the centre, which had recently organised a two-day camp on the Army Territorial Ground to spread awareness about the environment. “We have explained to the villagers the dangers of hula operation. Whenever elephants enter the villages, people light fires and burst cra...

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Wild elephants in Northeastern India.

Elephants, Humans At War Over Open Space In India

2008-02-01 - Calcutta, India.

Wild Asian Elephants are among the largest animals walking the face of the earth, but their size is not saving them. In Northern India, dozens are being slaughtered, but not for their ivory. The elephants are locked in a deadly conflict with humans over living space. For centuries, elephants have been migrating from forest to forest. But now their migration patterns are bringing them into direct confrontation with India's expanding human population, more than one billion people who are chopping ...

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ROMANCE in the wild: Sabitri performs puja at a circus show at Sodepur

All eyes on runaway bride Jumbo fan club. Elephant who stormed out of circus has jumbo fan club

2008-01-04 - Calcutta, India. SUBHAJOY ROY

Sourav Ganguly has a rival in popularity — that, too, on home ground — who is a good two feet taller and 2,450 kg heavier than Bengal’s biggest hero. Emblazoned on her grey-black jersey is the name children and adults call out to her by — Sabitri. The female elephant that not so long ago trumpeted out of the Olympic Circus tent in Ranigunj — responding to a tusker’s call — and romanced in the wild for a week before returning, is now the star of a circus in Sodepur, drawing thousand...

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Restless Bhola tugs at the ropes and chains binding his legs. Picture by Amit Datta.

Circus jumbo yet to cool down

2007-12-21 - Calcutta, India.

Bhola, the 42-year-old male elephant of Nataraj Circus, shook off the effects of the tranquilliser that was administered to him on Wednesday evening and tore down a part of the big top on Thursday. He remained restless all day, prompting police to ask the circus management to cancel all shows until he was shifted off the premises.

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Deadly invasion

Herd returns to haunt village

2007-11-27 - Calcutta, India.

Villagers in Teldhala had heard the same blood-curdling cries a year ago. This time, it was Kanchi Marak. The cornered fifty-year-old could do little to save himself as rogue elephants trampled him to death in his village on Dalangiri hills under Mancachar police station last week. In October last year, rampaging elephants killed four persons in the same village, located on the state’s border with Meghalaya. Months before that, four people, including a newborn, were trampled by a wild herd of ...

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Do not disturb: Sabitri and her mate take a bath in Ranigunj on Thursday.

Runaway elephants get licence to love

2007-08-31 - Calcutta, India. Ranigunj

Their trunks slung around each other, Sabitri and her mate can savour a few more days of bliss. The forest department has decided to leave the lovers alone through the mating season. This is the time for them to mate and it may take as much as a week or even three days for them to lose interest in each other, said Kumar Vimal, the Durgapur divisional forest officer. A 26-year-old wild tusker from Jharkhand had broken through the fence of a circus in the middle of last night, found his 20-year-ol...

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Elephants unearth human graves in eastern India, upsetting villagers

2007-06-21 - Calcutta, India.

Elephants have unearthed at least seven fresh human graves in eastern India, upsetting the nearby Muslim community and puzzling forestry officials. An elephant herd passed through a cluster of villages in the Bishnupur area last week, foraging for ripe fruit — and unearthing as many as seven recently dug graves, said Niranjan Ghosh, a forestry officer who visited the site.

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Elephants on the rampage

Now, a jumbo dilemma

2007-01-07 - Calcutta, India. Karimganj

It is an odd dilemma for forest officials of the district — torn as they are between the need to save human life and crops from marauding elephants and risking a decline in pachyderm population, as herds of them flee into neighbouring Bangladesh when chased away from the border district. The dilemma only deepens every winter.

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Wild Elephant Kills Three In India

2006-12-25 - Calcutta, India. Mary K. Brunskill

A wild elephant killed three people by lifting them with its trunk one by one and throwing them on the ground in a forest range in eastern India on Sunday, police said. The three died on the spot and 10 others were wounded. The elephant was looking for food when it encountered the three villagers in the Purlia district.

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People gather around the body of ‘Laden’, a rogue elephant killed by forest officials in Behali tea estate in Assam on December 16.

Requiem for ‘rogue’ elephant Laden

2006-12-20 - Calcutta, India. Soumen Dey

The news item “Death warrant out for rogue Laden” in The Telegraph northeast dated December 15, 2006, said “it should take one single bullet to fell a rogue”. So much ado over a “rogue” elephant! The statement itself sounded like a royal proclamation. As did the recent proclamation by the government to kill the rogue elephant that was, according to media reports, on a rampage in Sonitpur East forest division. (The elephant was killed on December 16).

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Separate trains hit and kill 2 elephants in a week in Indian state

2006-11-19 - CALCUTTA, India.

Speeding trains killed two elephants in separate collisions over the past week in India, officials said Sunday. A passenger train hit an elephant as it crossed a track in the northern Dooars region of eastern India's West Bengal state Saturday night, said Tapas Bose, a forest officer in the district. A few days earlier, another elephant died after a freight train knocked it over in a densely forested area also in the Dooars region, Bose said.

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Meet on elephant mishaps in north Bengal

2006-11-04 - Calcutta, India. JAYANTA BASU

Chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today said railway officials and the forest department will meet to discuss ways to minimise accidents involving elephants on railway tracks in north Bengal. the accidents took place because gauge conversion had led to an increase in the speed limit of trains.

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Birth control for Indian elephants

2006-09-15 - Calcutta, India. Subir Bhaumik

Elephants in the Indian state of West Bengal are to undergo a birth control scheme due to a lack of funds for their upkeep, the state government says. Of West Bengal's 400 elephants, nearly 70 are tame and in service to private owners or the state forest department. Forest guards use them to patrol the many wildlife sanctuaries. But wildlife conservation groups have been angered by the proposed introduction of such birth control methods for the elephants.

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Joyrides on elephant back in a fairyland village

2006-07-07 - Calcutta, India. Mamoni Raisom Goswami

My forefathers were the adhikars of the Satra (Vaishnavite monastery) and it was a tradition to keep many elephants, both for work and travelling. We had several elephants and I remember the dhuri (cow) with the single tusk, which my grandmother used to take out for grazing to our backyard. Whenever we visited Amranga, we were given an elephant for joy rides and to play with.

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Drunken elephants die in accident

2004-01-23 - Calcutta, India. Subir Bhaumik

Four wild elephants drunk on rice beer have been electrocuted in the north-east Indian state of Meghalaya, wildlife officials report. The elephants are known to have a taste for rice beer brewed by tribal communities across north-east India. But this is the first time some of them have died after consuming the drink. A herd of about 20 to 25 elephants went on the rampage in a remote area in the West Garo Hills district earlier this week after getting high on the beer.

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18 Headlines about Elephants from Calcutta2014-02-05 - Calcutta, India - NGT notice to PSUs on threat to Assam elephant corridor 2009-11-05 - Calcutta, India - To the Elephant Graveyard: A True Story of the Hunt for a Man-killing Indian Elephant by Tarquin Hall 2008-10-31 - Calcutta, India - 15 minutes of ground reality 2008-03-06 - Calcutta, India - Protectors of peacock, jumbo 2008-02-01 - Calcutta, India - Elephants, Humans At War Over Open Space In India 2008-01-04 - Calcutta, India - All eyes on runaway bride Jumbo fan club. Elephant who stormed out of circus has jumbo fan club 2007-12-21 - Calcutta, India - Circus jumbo yet to cool down 2007-11-27 - Calcutta, India - Herd returns to haunt village 2007-08-31 - Calcutta, India - Runaway elephants get licence to love 2007-06-21 - Calcutta, India - Elephants unearth human graves in eastern India, upsetting villagers 2007-01-07 - Calcutta, India - Now, a jumbo dilemma 2006-12-25 - Calcutta, India - Wild Elephant Kills Three In India 2006-12-20 - Calcutta, India - Requiem for ‘rogue’ elephant Laden 2006-11-19 - CALCUTTA, India - Separate trains hit and kill 2 elephants in a week in Indian state 2006-11-04 - Calcutta, India - Meet on elephant mishaps in north Bengal 2006-09-15 - Calcutta, India - Birth control for Indian elephants 2006-07-07 - Calcutta, India - Joyrides on elephant back in a fairyland village 2004-01-23 - Calcutta, India - Drunken elephants die in accident

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