Elephant tusks confiscated in October by Hong Kong authorities join the country’s enormous cache of seizures, which some want destroyed.

Hong Kong’s ivory cache poses risk

2013-12-03 - Hongkong, China.

When Hong Kong intercepted yet another huge shipment of illegal African ivory in early October, it added to a growing headache for authorities: What exactly do you do with one of the world’s biggest stockpiles of elephant tusks?

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Celebration of Auspiciousness is just one of Chu Chung-shing

Master carver uses mammoth tusks to keep 3,500-year-old art alive

2013-11-07 - Hongkong, China. Samuel Chan

Hongkongers have the chance to see more than 200 pieces of mammoth tusk carved by ivory master carver Chu Chung-shing and his 100-strong team at a free show at the Convention and Exhibition Centre today and tomorrow. Chu has been using the tusks of the prehistoric creature, which became extinct more than 10,000 years ago, as a substitute for African elephant ivory ever since a transnational ban on the ivory trade was imposed in 1989 to protect the African elephant.

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2 Headlines about Elephants from Hongkong2013-12-03 - Hongkong, China - Hong Kong’s ivory cache poses risk 2013-11-07 - Hongkong, China - Master carver uses mammoth tusks to keep 3,500-year-old art alive

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