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Sumatran Elephant Found Dead in Riau
A wild Sumatran elephant was found dead in a village in Riau, allegedly hunted and killed for its tusks, according to Antara. The elephant was found dead in Lubuk Kembang Bunga village in Pelalawan district last week. The ele...
2014-06-27   Riau, Indonesia Category: poaching

Engaging encounter with elephants in Kuala Gandah
Visitors to the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah near here will find better facilities once upgrading works on the premises is completed. The centre’s deputy chief Ahmad Kamsul Alias said the project co...
2009-10-02   Lanchang, Malaysia Category: facility

A mammoth problem of trained help
The elephant management unit of the Wildlife and National Parks Department is facing a problem of mammoth proportions. There is a shortage of tame decoy elephants to help in the transfer of wild elephants to wildlife preserv...
2008-09-25   Temerloh, Indonesia Category: misc

Elephant park still appealing
The National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah near here is a favourite tourist spot despite occasional criticisms. The number of visitors, both local and foreign, keeps increasing every year. In 2005, there were 3...
2008-03-24   Temerloh, Malaysia Category: misc

Elephant Mek Bunga calls it quits
After 33 years of service to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, it's finally time for Thai elephant Mek Bunga to retire. Mek Bunga, 68, who has gone blind in both eyes since almost two months ago, is in need of a ...
2006-11-11   TEMERLOH, Malaysia Category: welfare

Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre has growing visitor numbers
The National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah, about 40km from Temerloh, is gaining popularity. From 4,909 visitors in 2002, 11,463 in 2003 and 26,894 in 2004, and last year, a record of 38,863 visitors (26,555 lo...
2006-07-20   Temerloh, Malaysia Category: facility

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