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6 leading activists, conservationists and scientists: Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan Age: 30, Wildlife researcher, Elephant Conservationist
Vijayakrishnan developed an academic interest in elephants. He initially wanted to get a degree in forestry, but realised it would lead to more of an administrative job. The book, Elephant Days And Nights: Ten Years With The ...
2020-10-01   Bangalore, India Category: people

Carcasses litter a parched and barren wilderness
Lying in a crumpled heap in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, bony hips jutting into the sky, was a female elephant that had collapsed days before. “The elephants are dying a lot. The babies that were born last year are all ...
2009-10-22   Nairobi, Kenya Category: death

Goodbye, Jumbo
In zoo parlance, they’re known as charismatic megafauna. We’re talking lions, tigers, and other large creatures. They are the big-ticket beasts and the reason, historically anyway, why people have come to the zoo. Where t...
2009-07-26   , United States Category: facility

Hogle zoo
The 40-acre zoo at the mouth of Emigration Canyon has some great exhibits. The Elephant Encounter exhibit features a large canopy next to the view of the elephants. Although it was quite chilly the day we were there, I can im...
2009-02-26   Salt Lake City, United States Category: zoo

Elephant-in-a-bubble event goes off without a pop in Perris
To the delight of 70-plus onlookers, Tai the Perris elephant appears to have helped a bubble artist set a new Guinness world record Tuesday, becoming the largest land mammal to be wrapped in a bubble. Initially bubble artist ...
2008-04-08   Perris, United States Category: event

Controversial attempt to put elephant in bubble is back on
Despite controversy and previous cancellation, an elephant-in-a-bubble show apparently must go on. This time the stunt, which involves encasing a 4-ton Perris elephant in a soap bubble, is scheduled for an undisclosed time an...
2008-04-04   Perris, United States Category: event

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