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Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act: U.S. Asks Judge To Dismiss Lawsuit Against 2006 Law
The federal government asked a judge Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of animal rights activists who say a rarely used 2006 law has a chilling effect on lawful protest activities. Five activists represented by ...
2012-08-30   Boston, United States Category: welfare

Huge Crackdown On Africa's Ivory Traders
Interpol is carrying out the largest anti-elephant ivory poaching operation ever mounted. Wildlife agents in 14 different African countries have been raiding outlets and hunting down traders to crack down on the multi-million...
2012-03-20   London, United Kingdom Category: trade

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals provides aid and comfort for the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The two groups are responsible for more than 600 crimes since 1996, causing (by ...
2011-12-02   Washington, United States Category: welfare

S. Africa May Cull Elephants in 2009 for First Time Since 1994
South Africa may start its first elephant culls since 1994 next year to protect other species harmed by their destruction of habitats. South Africa's elephant population has swelled to 17,000 from 200 in 1900 when hunting had...
2008-11-14   Kruger National Park, South Africa Category: culling

Circus Flora's delightful show this year has Robin Hood theme
Circus Flora is named after Flora the elephant, who formerly performed but is now retired at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennesee. The show still features animal acts. This edition includes a group of large horses us...
2008-06-08   St. Louis, United States Category: circus

Siberia's tusk hunters risk all in search of mammoth payoff
Every spring, Nikolai Petrov leads a squadron of motorboats along the banks of remote channels and rivers in northern Siberia, waiting for the split second when chunks of thawing tundra plunge into the water. If luck is on Pe...
2008-05-13   YAKUTSK, Russian Federation Category: fossil

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