Yerevan zoo not to purchase many elephants

2012-02-23 - Yerevan, Armenia.

The exaggerated information published in the media stating that Yerevan zoo is allegedly going to purchase several elephants is not true, the press service of Yerevan zoo informs Armenian adding that works are done towards improving the living conditions of the only elephant, Grand. Besides that, it is planned to acquire only one elephant, a girlfriend for Grand. To remind, according to the information that had appeared in the media, Yerevan zoo is planning to purchase not one, but ...

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Grand Elephant Is Still Alone

2009-04-03 - Yerevan, Armenia.

These days one can find few visitors in Yerevan's zoological garden. The employees say visitors will increase with the start of the season, from May 1. The director says the zoo had no losses in the winter. Just on the contrary, the number of the "residents" rose during the winter months as some of them had baby animals. "As the winter was comparatively milder we were able to secure minimum conditions in cages. The zoo has about 2300 animals of 210 species," says the zoo director Sahak Abovyan. ...

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The bride from the North: Armenia’s bachelor elephant gets a wife from Russia

2007-12-14 - Yerevan, Armenia. Marianna Grigoryan

Armenia’s bachelor elephant, who has been desperate for a wife already for several years, has finally found his match. The “wedding of the year” between Grand and Masha from Russia took place at Yerevan’s Zoo on Sunday and proceeded in a pompous atmosphere in the presence of hundreds of guests.

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Armenia"s Only Elephant Needs A Girlfriend

2007-01-06 - Yerevan, Armenia. Rhyne

Hrantik is the only elephant in Yerevan's Zoo; his "real" name is Elbrus. Hrantik came to Armenia from Moscow Zoo in 1999 - his parents still live there - in the form of a gift. Being twelve, he has started noticing a need for something very special: a female elephant!

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4 Headlines about Elephants from Yerevan2012-02-23 - Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan zoo not to purchase many elephants 2009-04-03 - Yerevan, Armenia - Grand Elephant Is Still Alone 2007-12-14 - Yerevan, Armenia - The bride from the North: Armenia’s bachelor elephant gets a wife from Russia 2007-01-06 - Yerevan, Armenia - Armenia"s Only Elephant Needs A Girlfriend

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