Something to trumpet about

2007-07-21 - Taiping, Malaysia. CHAN AH LAK

I decided to pay a visit to have a closer look at this elephant. In the stall, not accessible to the public, a surprise awaited me. A female baby elephant, just a few days old, was trailing her mother. The proud mother, Jalung, allowed us to get close to her first calf and showed none of the bull elephant’s animosity. The newborn, Tepeng, was a picture of health as she followed her mother, occasionally suckling. She had a shoulder height of 90cm and weighed a hefty 90kg. This was not surprisi...

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Taiping Zoo worker trampled by elephant

2007-02-27 - TAIPING, Malaysia.

A zoo worker was injured when he was trampled by a male elephant at the Taiping zoo here on Tuesday. The worker, Mohd Hashim Ishak was subsequently warded at the Taiping hospital here for suspected fractures and internal injuries. Speaking from his hospital bed, Mohd Hashim,40 said he was cleaning a den where the elephant was kept at about 8am when the animal lunged at him from behind. “One of the elphant’s tusks hit the side of my chest and the next moment I was pinned down by his foot,” ...

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Abandoned baby elephant in Piah Forest Reserve in Perak dies on way to Taiping Zoo

2006-06-27 - Taiping, Malaysia.

Abandoned by the herd after its mother's death, Taiping Zoo came to the rescue of an 18-month-old elephant calf. But while being taken to the zoo, the calf, called Mat Chepor, keeled over and died, soon after being given an antidote. The animal had been sedated before it was taken from the Piah Forest Reserve in Perak, where it had been captured last week by rangers.

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Elephant calf born in Taiping Zoo

2005-12-21 - TAIPING, Malaysia.

An elephant calf was born in the Taiping Zoo on Saturday morning. Weighing 70kg, the calf was found by zoo keepers, suckling milk from Jaya, her 14-year-old mother, "Maybe we will call her Larut 2," said Taiping Zoo and Night Safari director Dr Kevin Lazarus. The calf’s sister, Larut, died 20 months ago of a bacterial infection at the age of 19 months, which left Jaya depressed for several months, Dr Lazarus said.

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4 Headlines about Elephants from TAIPING2007-07-21 - Taiping, Malaysia - Something to trumpet about 2007-02-27 - TAIPING, Malaysia - Taiping Zoo worker trampled by elephant 2006-06-27 - Taiping, Malaysia - Abandoned baby elephant in Piah Forest Reserve in Perak dies on way to Taiping Zoo 2005-12-21 - TAIPING, Malaysia - Elephant calf born in Taiping Zoo

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