West Bengal Forest Dept To Introduce Rubber Strips On National Highway To Control Elephant Deaths

2020-09-22 - Siliguri, India. Tarak Sarkar

The West Bengal Forest Department has taken steps to introduce rubber strips on the National Highway, state highway and the Asian Highway in the North Bengal region to control elephant deaths. The forest department has taken this initiative after a meeting headed by the state forest minister in the presence of representatives from railway, electricity, highway, tea gardens, and other related departments.

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Elephant calf found dead, foresters suspect poisoning

2010-09-07 - Siliguri, India.

Foresters of the Kurseong division on Friday recovered the carcass of a four-year-old male elephant calf from Simulbari Tea Estate near Sukna, near Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. Officials suspect the elephant died on Thursday night due to poisoning. The carcass was found on a spot where Guatemala grass had been planted to make the land suitable for tea plantation. Primary investigation suggested that the garden authorities had sprinkled pesticide on the grass, which the elephant might have consu...

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Elephant found dead in Darjeeling

2010-08-27 - Siliguri, India.

A four-year-old tusker was found dead in a tea garden in West Bengal’s Darjeeling district Friday, forest officials said. The elephant’s body was found in Simulbari tea garden in Siliguri sub division. Preliminary investigation revealed that the elephant died of poisoning after possibly having eaten plants treated with fertlisers. However, a final conclusion could be drawn only after the viscera report arrived, said a forest official.

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File picture of broad gauge tracks passing through Mahananda wildlife sanctuary

Elephant holds up rail traffic.- Train engine damaged

2010-08-19 - Siliguri, India.

An adult elephant blocked railway tracks passing through Mahananda wildlife sanctuary two times today and damaged a train engine. The drama unfolded between Sevoke and Gulma stations around 9.45am when the driver of a passenger train that was on way to New Jalpaiguri from Alipurduar noticed the adult makna (male without tusks) standing on the tracks.

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Wild elephants damage tea garden in Siliguri

2009-12-13 - Siliguri, India.

A herd of 20 wild elephants damaged a tea garden in the Dooars region here on Saturday. The jumbos were first sighted by tealeaf pluckers on Saturday morning. The elephants came in from the nearby forest. They were roaming around in the tea garden and also uprooted plants. They were chased from the other side as they came in here, said Niranjan Roy, a resident.

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Forest watch on injured elephant

2009-02-24 - Siliguri, India.

An injured makna (male elephant without tusks) roaming the forest of Apalchand near Malbazar has put the forest staff on alert. The 9.5ft tall elephant is around 30-35 years old and has been spotted in Compartment IV of the forest, 50km from here, with injuries on its left knee and shoulder. “We had informed the wildlife wing which sent us two trained elephants and two vets,” said Sailesh Anand, the divisional forest officer of Baikunthapur.

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Elephant killed by goods train in West Bengal

2008-10-05 - Siliguri, India.

An elephant was killed by a goods train near Rajabhat Khawo area of the Bauxa Tiger Reserve Forest of Cooch Bihar District of West-Bengal on early Sunday morning. According to the forest officials, while crossing the railway track, the elephant collided with the speeding train. The animal was crossing the forest from 21, basti area of the forestland to the other part of the forest. It died soon after colliding with the train. As a result of the accident, two coaches of the train were also derail...

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Wild elephant shot again

2008-06-23 - Siliguri, India.

Yet another Indian wild elephant was killed in Nepal. This time, it's a 40-year old female pachyderm that has succumbed to bullet injuries allegedly inflicted by the Nepal police in the eastern district of Jhapa adjacent to the Siliguri sub-division. According to Ms Sumita Ghatak, the divisional forest officer, Mahananda Wildlife Division - I in Siliguri, a herd of nearly 80 Indian elephants had strayed into Nepal from the Kalabari forests near Naxalbari in Siliguri last night but were brought b...

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Elephant found dead in Noam range

2008-05-18 - Siliguri, India.

The decomposed body of an adult elephant was today found at Ponorogharia area near Oodlabari in the Dooars. The spot is in Lethi-I forest of Noam range in the Kalimpong forest division. According to the Kalimpong divisional forest manager, Mr Ompraksah, a forest patrolling party from the Noam range discovered the carcass of a female elephant early this morning. The eight feet long pachyderm was found lying on the track inside the Lethi forest and the body was partially decomposed.

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Elephant kills woman

2007-12-06 - Siliguri, India.

Wild elephant trampled a 60-year old lady to death at Mongpong Bhanga Basti under the Rambhi police station in Kalimpong subdivision last night. The deceased, Guma Devi Khadke was trodden by the tusker after she failed to escape the foray into her house at about 11 pm. The wild elephant also ravaged three hutments at the village before going back into the nearby forest from where it had arrived. The death of the aged lady sparked off an agitation in the area as no police or forest officials reac...

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2007-11-29 - SILIGURI, India.

The villagers of Dabgram, Salugara, Fabri and Bedgara villages adjacent to Eastern Bypass in Siliguri, are spending sleepless nights because of a scattered herd of 22 wild elephants. The pachyderm raids are keeping the forest officials deputed in these localities wide awake as well since they are finding it difficult to keep the beasts at bay. Last night, a group of four wild elephants, entered the village of Fabri and ravaged three huts. They also destroyed a sizeable volume of crops. No one wa...

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Elephant calf dead

2007-07-19 - SILIGURI, India.

An elephant calf was found dead on the bank of the Reti river at Dalgaon in the Dooars today. Locals spotted the two-year-old female calf lying by the Reti riverbed early this morning and intimated the forest officials. Officials from the Dalgaon forest range rushed to the spot and they later declared the calf dead after a thorough check-up. Later, with assistance from the state veterinary department, forest officials conducted a postmortem of the carcass.

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The calf being fed by foresters at Sukna.

Baby elephant washed away by a river rescued and returned to herd not taken back, because of stink of man

2007-07-18 - Siliguri, India.

Villagers alerted forest officials this morning seeing the baby being split from elders by the Balason near Marianbarie Tea Estate. The baby was sent to the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, about 140km away, escorted by a veterinary surgeon. It would be kept at the pilkahana — where trained elephants are housed.

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Train kills another elephant in north Bengal

2007-04-11 - SILIGURI, India. Statesman News Service

A bull elephant was killed in a hit-by-a-train accident near the Atiabari Tea Estate level crossing in the Buxa Tiger Reserve (West division) early this morning. It was the seventh pachyderm to die in similar circumstances ever since the stretch between Siliguri and Alipurdar underwent gauge conversion four years ago.

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Elephants trigger panic at Atal TE

2006-11-04 - SILIGURI, India.

A group of 17 elephants walked into the Atal Tea Estate plantation on the outskirts of Siliguri last night without signs of moving out. Although the elephants have not caused any damage so far, their presence has robbed the locals of their sleep. On 23 October, a group of 13 elephants had ambled into the same plantation causing serious concern among the workers. Forest department officials, after a lot of effort, managed to drive away the pachyderms to the nearby forests on that occasion.

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Elephant mence in North Bengal, one killed, two injured

2006-10-24 - Siliguri, India.

A herd of over 100 elephants went on a rampage in the Terai and Dooars region of North Bengal killing a girl and injuring two others, officials said here today. The elephants also partly demolished a heritage temple and destroyed standing crops, they said. A 19 year girl was trampled to death by a wild elephant while she was returning home from a Kali puja pandal on Saturday. Her friend who was accompanying her was also attacked by the elephant. She has been admitted to the North Bengal Medical ...

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West Bengal police seize eight kg of ivory

2005-04-25 - Siliguri, India.

The West Bengal Police have arrested one person and recovered six pieces of ivory worth more than 8,000 dollars from him. Bhushan Roy was arrested when police sent a decoy team to strike a deal on the outskirts of Siliguri town in Darjeeling district. Police said ivory pieces weighed 7.9 kilograms and would fetch more than 8,000 dollars in the international market.

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Elephant found dead in sanctuary

2005-01-06 - Siliguri, India.

A 40-year-old female elephant was found dead in Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, which is situated in the outskirts of Siliguri in Dargeeling district.

According to post mortem conducted, the elephant died due to a pathological disorder, which rules out the possibility of it being the victim of a hunting spree.

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18 Headlines about Elephants from Siliguri2020-09-22 - Siliguri, India - West Bengal Forest Dept To Introduce Rubber Strips On National Highway To Control Elephant Deaths 2010-09-07 - Siliguri, India - Elephant calf found dead, foresters suspect poisoning 2010-08-27 - Siliguri, India - Elephant found dead in Darjeeling 2010-08-19 - Siliguri, India - Elephant holds up rail traffic.- Train engine damaged 2009-12-13 - Siliguri, India - Wild elephants damage tea garden in Siliguri 2009-02-24 - Siliguri, India - Forest watch on injured elephant 2008-10-05 - Siliguri, India - Elephant killed by goods train in West Bengal 2008-06-23 - Siliguri, India - Wild elephant shot again 2008-05-18 - Siliguri, India - Elephant found dead in Noam range 2007-12-06 - Siliguri, India - Elephant kills woman 2007-11-29 - SILIGURI, India - 2007-07-19 - SILIGURI, India - Elephant calf dead 2007-07-18 - Siliguri, India - Baby elephant washed away by a river rescued and returned to herd not taken back, because of stink of man 2007-04-11 - SILIGURI, India - Train kills another elephant in north Bengal 2006-11-04 - SILIGURI, India - Elephants trigger panic at Atal TE 2006-10-24 - Siliguri, India - Elephant mence in North Bengal, one killed, two injured 2005-04-25 - Siliguri, India - West Bengal police seize eight kg of ivory 2005-01-06 - Siliguri, India - Elephant found dead in sanctuary

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