Huge haul of tusks worth $5mln seized in HCMC

2012-08-02 - Saigon, Vietnam.

Customs officials at Ho Chi Minh City-based ICD Phuoc Long 3 Port on Tuesday found 150 elephant tusks inside a tractor trailer truck. The illegally smuggled haul weighs 2.4 tons and is worth approximately US$4.9 million at the market price, they said. In the customs declaration the Thai Minh Company, who imported the goods, declared that their consignment only contained salted cowhides from Mozambique worth VND1.2 billion (US$57,500).

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Scientists say elephants seriously endangered

2012-03-05 - Saigon, Vietnam.

Vietnam has been well known as a country with many elephants that can be found throughout the country. However, big international conservation organizations have repeatedly given warnings that elephants are in danger of extinction.
Dr Bao Huy from the Tay Nguyen University has pointed out that the elephant breeding for tourism purpose has degraded their fertility. “If we don’t take actions right now, Dak Lak elephants would get extinct in 20 more years,” he warned.

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Vietnam circus elephant relocated to saigon Zoo

2012-01-09 - Saigon, Vietnam. Dan Koehl

Ni stayed on Saigon Circus in Vietnam as a single elephant, most of the time kept on an extremely short chain, which restricted her movements to a minimum. She arrived yesterday in Saigon Zoo. And since I am now in Saigon, I will go to see her tomorrow.

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Ny the Saigon circus elephant

2011-08-24 - Saigon, Vietnam. Annie Eagleton

Shortly after returning from Dak Lak to Da Nang, I was alerted to a campaign to retire a circus elephant in Sai Gon. This elephant cow, Ny, had been captured from the wild at age three and was gifted to Sai Gon Circus in District 1, by the City of Ho Chi Minh. (I was recently informed that she was originally a gift from Sony Korea, along with another elephant, in gratitude for licence in Viet Nam. The government, at a loss what to do with them, gave them to the circus.)

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A troupe of elephants parade in the Gong Cultural Festival in the Central Highlands last month

Enjoying the holiday season in the Central Highlands

2007-12-17 - Saigon, Vietnam. Ngoc Minh

The Central Highlands is the land of elephants, with troupes of both tamed and wild elephants, and tourists can witness exciting elephant races every year on March 26 organized by the M’nong people, who are famous for their ability to tame wild elephants.

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Land of elephants

2006-02-16 - Saigon, Vietnam.

Ban Don, a M’Nong village by the Srepok River, is well-known throughout Southeast Asia as the native land of elephant hunters and trainers. Since the 18th century, locals have caught and tamed elephants here. Now Ban Don, or Don Village, some 36 kilometers west of Buon Ma Thuot City in the Central Highlands province of Daklak, is still famous for training elephants… so that tourists can ride on them! The elephants take visitors through villages, paddy fields and jungles, and visitors can lea...

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6 Headlines about Elephants from Saigon2012-08-02 - Saigon, Vietnam - Huge haul of tusks worth $5mln seized in HCMC 2012-03-05 - Saigon, Vietnam - Scientists say elephants seriously endangered 2012-01-09 - Saigon, Vietnam - Vietnam circus elephant relocated to saigon Zoo 2011-08-24 - Saigon, Vietnam - Ny the Saigon circus elephant 2007-12-17 - Saigon, Vietnam - Enjoying the holiday season in the Central Highlands 2006-02-16 - Saigon, Vietnam - Land of elephants

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