Herd of endangered elephants found in Quang Nam Province

2020-04-10 - Quang Nam, Vietnam.

A herd of eight Asian elephants – an endangered species listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – has been found living in an elephant conservation area in Nong Son District, Quang Nam Province.

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elephant Elephants in central highlands are believed to suffer harsh treatment and abuse.

Circus elephant dies of exhaustion

2011-10-24 - Quang Nam, Vietnam.

A 70-year-old elephant died last Tuesday due to hunger and cold weather while it was on the way to perform circus in the central province of Quang Nam. The body of the 4-ton elephant has been destroyed and the place where it died has been sterilized, said Nguyen Van Ngu, chairman of People’s Committee of Thang Binh District. The elephant, named Ho Nun, came from the Don village in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak and was hired by the animal circus troupe Hoang Nam.

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Rogue elephants wreak havoc in central Vietnam, again

2006-11-22 - Quang Nam, Vietnam. Vu Hoang (translated by Hoang Bao)

Four elephants Wednesday morning destroyed over 15 ha of rice and crops in central Vietnams Quang Nam province, local authorities said. The Tra Doc commune government said three adults and one baby elephant also destroyed dozens of sentry boxes guarding the fields in the commune. Early this month, the elephants demolished one house, but its seven occupants luckily escaped unharmed. A sentry squad has been formed to keep guard against the rouge animals. Quang Nam has been plagued by similar eleph...

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Wild elephant rampage destroys crops

2006-10-12 - Quang Nam, Vietnam.

A stampede of four wild elephants have destroyed more than 10ha of crops and hundreds of ha of forest in the central province of Quang Nam’s Tra Doc Village over the past few days. No casualties have been reported. The elephants arrived in the area early last month and are still roaming the forests and mountains of Tra Doc Village.

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Wild elephants terrorize Vietnam farmers

2006-10-11 - Quang Nam, Vietnam.

A group of four wild elephants on Tuesday ravaged a mountainous village of farmers in Vietnam’s central province Quang Nam, reported local authorities. Luckily, no one has been injured or killed, but the elephants – including three mature and a young one – devastated over ten hectares of crops in the 5th village of Tra Doc commune in Bac Tra My district. The group appeared in the evening, apparently scavenging for food and vegetables, chasing locals around in the process.

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5 Headlines about Elephants from Quang Nam2020-04-10 - Quang Nam, Vietnam - Herd of endangered elephants found in Quang Nam Province 2011-10-24 - Quang Nam, Vietnam - Circus elephant dies of exhaustion 2006-11-22 - Quang Nam, Vietnam - Rogue elephants wreak havoc in central Vietnam, again 2006-10-12 - Quang Nam, Vietnam - Wild elephant rampage destroys crops 2006-10-11 - Quang Nam, Vietnam - Wild elephants terrorize Vietnam farmers

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