Tembe, a northern KZN elephant, stood head and shoulders above his new friends in Addo.

Much-loved elephant bull Tembe dies in Addo Elephant Park

2020-09-13 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Conservative staff didn’t pick up on his collar’s signal earlier this week and and subsequently went in search of him. It would appear as if this magnificent tusker had an awkward fall, from which he was not able recover.

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A case against two circus owners and an employee from the well-known Brian Boswell Circus was taken off the court roll due to a lack of evidence

Charges against Boswell Circus three withdrawn

2016-04-26 - Port Elizabeth , South Africa.

Charges against two circus owners and an employee from the well known Brian Boswell Circus have been withdrawn in the Port Elizabeth magistrate’s court. Jane Boswell, her daughter Georgina, and elephant handler David Marais were facing a string of charges for allegedly beating, chaining, confining and not providing sufficient water and shade to elephants between December 2012 and January 2013.

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ROOM TO BREATHE ... The elephants of Addo now have a bit of elbow room in the enlarged park.

Giant step forward as Addo elephants’ territory doubles (video)

2010-08-20 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Guy Rogers

THE Addo Elephant National Park took a giant step forward yesterday, lowering the southern fence between the old and new sections of the park and opening the way for its burgeoning jumbo herd to return to their ancestral home. “Addo has expanded to about 180000ha but the park core, where the elephants presently are, is just over 12000ha, north of the Addo Heights road. With the lowering of the fence today we have expanded this core to include the just under 12000ha south of the road.

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BEST WAY TO BUILDING TRUST: Walter Gwarada, who developed the training programme for the elephant safaris at Addo Elephant Back Safaris and Lodges bordering the Greater Addo Elephant National Park, with one of the three elephants at the private game rese

From cellphones to elephants

2008-10-13 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

FIVE years ago Walter Gwarada was stuck in the office every day, but chance and an impatient American turned him into the “elephant whisperer” of Addo. Gwarada, who came to South Africa in 2003 after working in information technology at a Zimbabwean cellphone operator in Harare, was hired as a manager for a fledgling private game reserve in Addo, where there was an American brought in to train three tame elephants from Knysna to do safaris. But after four weeks the American had deser...

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No sheepish tastes for cream and ivory

2008-10-08 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Jenni Marsh

A BABY elephant and a sheep named Albert may not appear to have much in common, but at the Shamwari Game Reserve these two animals have become the best of pals. Eight-month-old orphan Themba, whose name means “hope” in Xhosa, struck up a friendship with wooly Albert after arriving at the reserve‘s animal hospital when he was just six months old. Thembas mum had fallen off a cliff and died at the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Western Cape, where both elephants lived. Shamwaris...

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KEEP OUT: Nico Erasmus at the gate to the elephant sanctuary in Alexandria where a farmworker was trampled to death.

Shock at ‘freak’ elephant attack

2008-09-11 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

THE death of a Woody Cape farm worker who was “grabbed” through an electric fence and trampled to death by an elephant last week, has been described as a freak accident. Zimbabwean-born Vanhuvmnwe Chinangama was killed instantly on the farm Request, while walking alongside a re-enforced electric fence separating a herd of nine elephants at the Elephants of Eden sanctuary from the rest of the farm. The farm spokesperson Stanford Slabbert yesterday said the elephant had inexplicably grabbed Ch...

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Weekend Getaway: Elephant back safaris at Addo Elephant National Park

2007-03-18 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Nguni is situated in the Nyathi concession of the malaria-free Addo Elephant National Park, just an hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth and we bounce along the bumpy path until we finally arrive at the headquarters of Addo Elephant Back Safaris. The three bull elephants, Mukwa, Duma and Taba, arrive minutes later, escorted by senior handler Elliot Mangaliso. The trio are all between 16 to 18 years old and are originally from Kruger Park where they were saved from being culled and then taken to th...

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Cunningham said the three elephants comprising mother, father and daughter seemed to be foraging comfortably.

Jumbo boost for Somerset East as elephants return to the region

2006-11-20 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Guy Rogers

ELEPHANTS have been re-introduced into the Somerset East area where they used to occur in passing herds along the Little Fish River. The manager of Kamala Game Reserve, Dale Cunningham, said yesterday the release was the fulfilment of a dream for his father-in-law, Lud de Bruijn. The elephants were acquired from Shamwari through a deal which is facilitating the spread of game in the province. Shamwari carried the cost of the darting and Kamala the cost of transport, with no money required for th...

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Tourist hurt as horse spooked in Addo Elephant Park

2006-11-03 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

A horse ride in the Addo Elephant Park became a nightmare for Australian tourist Margaret Davies, 48, after she fell off a horse in the Nyati wilderness area 10:00 on Thursday and had to be airlifted to Greenacres Hospital with back injuries and a fractured femur. The trumpeting of the elephants apparently frightened the horses, which bolted and threw three people, one of them Mrs Davies.

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Rejected baby elephant starts new life in Knysna

2006-01-25 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Brett Adkins

A NEWBORN elephant rejected by its inexperienced mother at the Bloemfontein Zoo last week has been “adopted” by the Knysna Elephant Park, which is giving the baby pachyderm 24-hour care to ensure its survival in its new Garden Route home. The female calf, which has been named Ashanti, was driven through the night and arrived at the park, situated between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna, in the early hours of Saturday after its birth just four days previously, when the injured animal was discovere...

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Rangers watch anxiously over rare newborn twin elephants in Addo Elephant National Park

2005-01-20 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Environment Writer

Twin elephants have been born in Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth - only the third time that twins have been born in the history of the park.

The baby elephants, now one month old, are both doing well so far, and staff are watching their progress anxiously.

Megan Bradfield, the park's social ecologist, said yesterday the second month of life of elephant twins was critical.

"Elephant twins are very rare. We've had two sets of elephant tw...

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11 Headlines about Elephants from Port Elizabeth2020-09-13 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Much-loved elephant bull Tembe dies in Addo Elephant Park 2016-04-26 - Port Elizabeth , South Africa - Charges against Boswell Circus three withdrawn 2010-08-20 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Giant step forward as Addo elephants’ territory doubles (video) 2008-10-13 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - From cellphones to elephants 2008-10-08 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - No sheepish tastes for cream and ivory 2008-09-11 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Shock at ‘freak’ elephant attack 2007-03-18 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Weekend Getaway: Elephant back safaris at Addo Elephant National Park 2006-11-20 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Jumbo boost for Somerset East as elephants return to the region 2006-11-03 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Tourist hurt as horse spooked in Addo Elephant Park 2006-01-25 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Rejected baby elephant starts new life in Knysna 2005-01-20 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Rangers watch anxiously over rare newborn twin elephants in Addo Elephant National Park

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