Man & Animal Conflict In Northeast India: Thread Barrier Keep Elephants Away

2010-09-25 - Nagaon , India. Shib Shankar Chatterjee

What does it take to stop a herd of hungry jumbos each (around) 03-metres tall and middling over 04- tons in weight off paddy fields? Apparently, it´s a thread as thick as a fishing line and not nearly as strong. Villagers of Chapanala village area under Nagaon district of Eastern Indian State, Assam are finding out that their economy is literally hanging by a thread woven around their paddy fields to keep elephants away.

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Elephant found dead at Assam tea estate

2010-09-03 - Nagaon, India.

A male elephant has been found dead at the courtyard of a house inside Kalidan tea estate near Nagaon in Assam. It´s unusual for an elephant to die in such circumstances unless electrocuted. Workers at the tea estate insist the elephant died of natural causes. 255 elephants have died in Assam as a result of conflicts with humans between 1990 and 2003. Most of them were poisoned or electrocuted.

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The body of the elephant calf.

Elephant, calf fall into Nagaon pond, die

2008-06-21 - Nagaon, India.

Two elephants, a mother and its calf, died after they fell into a pond in the foothills of Kondoli, 35km from Nagaon, last night. The incident took place when the pair was proceeding towards the hill in a herd comprising 40-45 animals. The calf was the first to fall into the pond as soon as they had crossed Titajuri Basti. The mother jumped into the pond to rescue the calf. The villagers moved the Kothiatoli forest range office this morning to inform the authorities about the herd of elephants,...

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A simple string that keeps elephants away

2008-03-12 - Nagaon, India.

It is another David and Goliath battle where the former prevails again. A string, and just that, has been able to play a role in halting the onslaught of the biggest of land animals. In parts of Nagaon district, strategically deployed strings in the path of wild elephants have resulted in reducing human elephant conflict to an unexpected degree, to the extent that some people have called it sheer magic. However, there actually is no magic involved. The promoter of the idea, Shimanta Goswami of N...

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4 Headlines about Elephants from Nagaon2010-09-25 - Nagaon , India - Man & Animal Conflict In Northeast India: Thread Barrier Keep Elephants Away 2010-09-03 - Nagaon, India - Elephant found dead at Assam tea estate 2008-06-21 - Nagaon, India - Elephant, calf fall into Nagaon pond, die 2008-03-12 - Nagaon, India - A simple string that keeps elephants away

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