Goodbye little one: An adult elephant tenderly nuzzles the lifeless body of baby Lola at Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Germany. The three-months-old calf was due for an operation on her defective heart but sadly died during a preliminary scan

We"ll never forget you: Elephants say a sad farewell to baby who died of a heart defect

2012-01-25 - Munich, Germany.

A herd of grieving elephants gathers round the lifeless body of a little calf after she died of a heart defect. Three-month-old Lola was due to receive groundbreaking surgery for her condition but passed away during a preliminary scan. Keepers at Munich´s Hellabrunn Zoo decided to return her body to the enclosure so mother Panang, 22, could say her goodbyes in peace.

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Munich baby elephant dies

2012-01-22 - Munich, Germany.

A three-month old elephant at a zoo in Munich died on Saturday of a pulmonary embolism, just before she was due to receive a heart surgery for a congenital defect. The elephant was taken to the Grosshadern Hospital for a CT scan, so that vets could take a closer look at her heart before operating. She was anaesthetized, but died during the scan, despite attempts to resuscitate her.

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Munich baby elephant first to get heart surgery

2012-01-20 - Munich, Germany.

A baby elephant in Munich will be the first in the world to undergo heart surgery, after vets at the zoo realised she had a congenital defect which will kill her within weeks if nothing is done. This is the only chance the little on has to survive,” said Christiane Reiss, spokeswoman for Hellabron zoo.

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ABOVE: The tiny elephant was nearly trampled by her three-tonne mother

Baby elephant reunited with mother for Christmas

2009-12-24 - Munich, Germany.

This baby elephant has been reunited with her mum after keepers rescued her from being trampled. Baby elephant Jamuno Toni - who already tips the scales at 17 stones - was in danger of being squashed to death by her three-tonne mum. Keepers were forced to separate the pair after the birth in Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany, while Jamuno took her first steps and learned how to dodge her mum Panang's massive bulk. Zoo boss Andreas Knieriem said: "New mothers can be clumsy so we needed to make sure...

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Your Morning Adorable

2009-12-23 - Munich, Germany.

It'll be a merry Christmas indeed at Munich, Germany's Hellabrunn Zoo: After a two-year gestation period, Asian elephant Panang gave birth to a healthy female calf Monday. The calf, named Jamuna Toni, weighed nearly 250 pounds at birth. For obvious (read: adorable) reasons, Jamuna Toni has quickly become a favorite among staff at the zoo -- she's shown here with keeper Robert Ostermeier, who didn't even get mad when her wandering trunk found its way to a place that, frankly, it didn't belong. (H...

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Easy does it: Panang

Nelly-natal exercise: Panang the pregnant elephant practises her maternity stretches

2009-11-06 - Munich, Germany.

Like any expectant mother, Panang the elephant wants the very best for her baby, which is evident as she carefully performs her maternity exercises. Guided by her minder Andi Fries, the 20-year-old elephant did a series of stretches in her pen at the Tierpark Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. Panang, who is nearing the end of her two-year gestation period, is due to give birth this month or next.

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Stars in der Manege 2007 at Circus Krone

2007-12-11 - Munich, Germany. Michaela Rehle

German actress Wolke Hegenbarth and elephant trainer Rene Casselly perform on an elephant's back during the charity circus gala night with VIPs as participants in Munich's circus Krone December 1, 2007. The well-known TV gala 'Stars in der Manege' will be broadcasted on December 26 on German television.

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Panang and the bull Gajendra (left) Photo: © Heike Klabunde

Second elephant stillbirth in Munich Zoo

2007-10-08 - Munich, Germany.

The elephant cow Penang in Munich Zoo (born 1989 in Zuerich) gave birth yesterday to a stillborn bull elephant calf, several months before expected birth. Munich Zoo (Hellabrunn Tierpark) will probably provide more information on their website tomorrow.

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A Berlin girl moves to Munich! Asian elephant Temi transfered from Berlin to Munich

2006-11-02 - Munich, Germany. PR Munich Zoo

On the 28.10.06 the young elephant cow "Temi" arrived in Hellabrunn with a special transporter. She was placed here by the zoo Berlin Friedrichsfelde. She was accompanied by her animal keeper, Mr Thomas Günther, who will stay with us until Sunday in order to help "Temi" (Burmese "daughter") settle in. Before that two of our elephant keepers went to Berlin for 14 days to get to know the animal.

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9 Headlines about Elephants from Munich2012-01-25 - Munich, Germany - We"ll never forget you: Elephants say a sad farewell to baby who died of a heart defect 2012-01-22 - Munich, Germany - Munich baby elephant dies 2012-01-20 - Munich, Germany - Munich baby elephant first to get heart surgery 2009-12-24 - Munich, Germany - Baby elephant reunited with mother for Christmas 2009-12-23 - Munich, Germany - Your Morning Adorable 2009-11-06 - Munich, Germany - Nelly-natal exercise: Panang the pregnant elephant practises her maternity stretches 2007-12-11 - Munich, Germany - Stars in der Manege 2007 at Circus Krone 2007-10-08 - Munich, Germany - Second elephant stillbirth in Munich Zoo 2006-11-02 - Munich, Germany - A Berlin girl moves to Munich! Asian elephant Temi transfered from Berlin to Munich

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