Memphis Zoo"s baby elephant accidentally killed by its mother

2009-07-08 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Linda Moore

The jubilance at the Memphis Zoo following the Monday night birth of an African elephant calf was snatched away on Wednesday after the new baby was accidentally killed by its mother. At about 10 a.m. Wednesday, the calf stumbled in the enclosure. As Asali tried to right the baby with her trunk, she used too much pressure and critically injured it with her tusk, said Chuck Brady, zoo president and CEO. Zoo staffers immediately moved Asali away from the female calf, but the facility’s medical te...

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It"s A Girl!

2009-07-07 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States. PRESS RELEASE

“Asali,” an African elephant at the Memphis Zoo gave birth to a female calf at approximately 10:23pm on July 6 after a gestation of 1 year, 9 months, and 15 days. Currently, Asali and her calf are in healthy, stable condition. The pregnancy is a result of the Zoo’s continued participation in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) plans to grow the captive population of elephants. This plan, known as the Species Survival Plan, outlines the management and development of healthy eleph...

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Le Bonheur donates breast milk pump for Memphis Zoo"s pregnant elephant

2009-07-03 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Jody Callahan

For a baby elephant, mother's milk really is the essence of life. In an elephant, the milk carries important antibodies and nutrients that human babies typically get while still in the womb. So if the baby elephant, due any day now at the Memphis Zoo, somehow doesn't nurse from its mother, Asali, the little bundle of joy could be in big trouble.That's where Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center stepped in, donating a human breast pump valued at more than $1,000. The pump and a stand were given to...

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African Elephant About to Give Birth At Memphis Zoo

2009-06-23 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Dana Rebik /

A very pregnant African elephant is trying to stay cool at the Memphis Zoo. 23 year-old Asili is due July 12th, 2009, but could give birth at any time according to zookeepers. Zoology students from Rhodes College are keeping watch on mom 24 hours a day, monitoring her behavior. “She is definitely dozing in the shade a lot and throwing water on herself. Yes, she is hot," says zoo curator Matt Thompson. Zoo goers gathered around the elephant exhibit learning more about the pregnancy. "It is ...

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4 Headlines about Elephants from Memphis, Tennessee2009-07-08 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States - Memphis Zoo"s baby elephant accidentally killed by its mother 2009-07-07 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States - It"s A Girl! 2009-07-03 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States - Le Bonheur donates breast milk pump for Memphis Zoo"s pregnant elephant 2009-06-23 - Memphis, Tennessee, United States - African Elephant About to Give Birth At Memphis Zoo

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