Gabi the elephant

Israel sends elephant to Turkey

2010-10-04 - Jerusalem, Israel.

Jerusalem´s Biblical Zoo made last preparations over the weekend to ship Gabi the elephant on a long journey to his new home in Turkey. Accompanied by his caretaker, 5-year-old Gabi will be placed inside a large crate and will then be shipped by sea to Turkey´s Gaziantep Zoo. Ammar Abidat, head of the Biblical Zoo´s elephant department, said Gabi was a handful as a young elephant, but has since been trained and is now well-behaved.

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Elephant hurts girl who snuck into zoo

2008-08-01 - JERUSALEM, Israel.

Israeli officials say a 17-year-old girl who sneaked into a zoo near Tel Aviv with a friend was attacked by an elephant and hospitalized. An employee of Safari nature park says the couple entered the park before dawn Friday by climbing over a wall and then entering the elephants' enclosure. Mori Hertzenstein told Army Radio the girl then approached the pen of 1 of the male elephants, who grabbed her with his trunk. Hertzenstein said "the elephant, which is a giant animal, hurt her." Israeli resc...

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At Jerusalem zoo, kids ask: Can he eat me in one bite?

2007-08-10 - Jerusalem zoo, Israel. Benny Ziffer

It was a veritable human jungle at the Biblical zoo. Here was a plus-size American woman in a pink suit licking a diet popsicle and declaring aloud, "This is delicious." And in front of the elephant cage, a family of French Jews points to the elephantine turds floating on the water. The French word is the same in Hebrew, only the emphasis is on a different syllable.

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Try this on for size

2007-07-05 - Jerusalem, Israel.

While taking a pet for a walk might be a pleasant stroll for some, it takes on a whole different scale for elephant keeper Amar Obaidat and his charges at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Every morning the herd of elephants are taken for a walk around the zoo to get their circulation going for the day ahead. The elephants, Tamar, Suzanne, Michaela, Avigail, Teddy and baby Gabby, are walked in two groups to keep their numbers manageable. First to go are usually two of the smaller females and Gabby.

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Jerusalem Tisch Family Zoological Gardens trumpets birth of elephant

2005-12-10 - Jerusalem, Israel. YAAKOV KATZ

A two year pregnancy and a 10-hour birth process made Israeli history on Saturday when a baby elephant was born at the Jerusalem Tisch Family Zoological Gardens after being conceived through artificial insemination. The male baby - who has yet to be named - was born to Tamar a Thai elephant brought to Israel ten years ago as a gift from the Thai government to then-prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. Saturday's birth was one of 10 births around the world of an elephant conceived through artificial inse...

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German Specialists Make Ultrasound Examination of Pregnant Elephant at Jerusalem"s Biblical Zoo

2004-08-02 - Jerusalem, Israel. GCM/CRB

A German team from the IZW, The Institute of Zoo Wildlife Research in Berlin, make an ultrasound examination of Tamar, a pregnant elephant, at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo July 31, 2004.

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5 Headlines about Elephants from Jerusalem2010-10-04 - Jerusalem, Israel - Israel sends elephant to Turkey 2008-08-01 - JERUSALEM, Israel - Elephant hurts girl who snuck into zoo 2007-07-05 - Jerusalem, Israel - Try this on for size 2005-12-10 - Jerusalem, Israel - Jerusalem Tisch Family Zoological Gardens trumpets birth of elephant 2004-08-02 - Jerusalem, Israel - German Specialists Make Ultrasound Examination of Pregnant Elephant at Jerusalem"s Biblical Zoo

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