Turkey’s Izmir zoo delighted at Asian elephant’s birth

2021-06-22 - Izmir, Turkey.

Begümcan, a 25-year-old elephant, gave birth to a female calf in The İzmir Natural Life Park’s protected facility and delighted zookeepers, zoo officials told reporters. No name has been given to the baby elephant yet. Giving birth after about two years of gestation, Begümcan has two more calves named İzmir and Deniz (sea in Turkish) with Winner, the father elephant.

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First elephant to be born in Turkey

2011-02-11 - Izmir, Turkey.

´Begümcan´ and ´Winner´, an Indian race elephant ‘couple’, had their first baby in Turkey, still unnamed. The baby elephant is also the first to be born in Turkey. The 110-kg-weighed baby elephant was delivered at İzmir Wild Life Park in western Turkey. The number of the Park’s elephants has risen to 3 with the coming of the newborn, whose name is to be determined with an İzmir-residents participated survey.

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Winner and Begümcan look happy

2008-08-08 - Izmir, Turkey.

Six-year-old Asian elephant Winner, bought by the Ýzmir Metropolitan Municipality from Israel after the death of the city's well-known elephant Bahadýr, has easily adapted to his new home. Winner is also happy with the hospitality of young female landlord elephant Begümcan. At the first meeting of Winner and Begümcan without barriers, the new couple seemed happy.

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Europes oldest elephant bull, Pak Bahadýr is dead

2007-07-23 - Izmir, Turkey.

The elephant Pak Bahadýr at the Izmir Municipality Kulturpark Zoo died while undergoing an operation on his foot and leg. One Turkish and two German experts conducted the operation. Unfortunately the old elephant's heart could not handle the pressure. Sabah daily said the elephant had arrived from Pakistan in 1954 and had become the symbol of the city.

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4 Headlines about Elephants from Izmir2021-06-22 - Izmir, Turkey - Turkey’s Izmir zoo delighted at Asian elephant’s birth 2011-02-11 - Izmir, Turkey - First elephant to be born in Turkey 2008-08-08 - Izmir, Turkey - Winner and Begümcan look happy 2007-07-23 - Izmir, Turkey - Europes oldest elephant bull, Pak Bahadýr is dead

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