Researchers are using new methods of examining ancient DNA to learn more about the ancient Yukon landsc

Mammoths roamed Yukon 6,000 years ago: new DNA research

2021-12-23 - Hamilton, United States.

A new study examining ancient DNA from the Yukon is changing the timeline for when woolly mammoths and ancient horses roamed the continent. Tyler Murchie, a researcher at the McMaster Ancient DNA Centre in Hamilton, was the lead author on a new paper in the journal Nature on Dec. 8, with new evidence that suggests ancient horses and mammoths may have roamed the Yukon landscape up until 6,000 years ago.

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DNA proves mammoths mated beyond species boundaries

2016-04-23 - Hamilton, Canada.

Several species of mammoth are thought to have roamed across the North American continent. A new study in the open-access journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, provides DNA evidence to show that these mammoths, which should only mate within their species boundaries, were in fact likely to be interbreeding.

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The last of the woolly mammoths originated in North America.

DNA Shows That Last Woolly Mammoths Had North American Roots

2010-09-07 - Hamilton, Canada.

In a surprising reversal of conventional wisdom, a DNA-based study has revealed that the last of the woolly mammoths—which lived between 40,000 and 4,000 years ago—had roots that were exclusively North American. The research, which appears in the September issue of Current Biology, is expected to cause some controversy within the paleontological community.

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Snowball: An elephant uses his trunk to compact the snow

Meet the elephants who just love to make jumbo snowballs

2008-03-20 - Hamilton, Canada.

They are more used to a balmy climate, but as these amazing pictures show, elephants love to play in the snow too. Two of the massive mammals played together in the cold safari park in Ontario, Canada and even made a gigantic snowball together. The elephants at the African Lion Safari in Hamilton, used their trunks to gather the snow and pile it high to create the massive ball of ice. They worked hard to compact the snow and the structure was so stable that one of the safari park workers could s...

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East meets near east as groom Rahul Bhargava treads ‘down the aisle’ toward his bride, Emily Rosenberg, on the back of Minnie, an Asian elephant, during their wedding ceremony last Sunday, Sept. 2 at Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton.

Indian culture hits Hamilton by the tons

2007-09-05 - Hamilton, United States. Natalie Miller

Green Meadows Farm had an unusual visitor this past weekend — a live Asian elephant named Minnie. Minnie was brought to Hamilton from Connecticut to carry the weight of tradition during the wedding ceremony of Cambridge couple Rahul Bhargava and Emily Rosenberg. The couple was married on the grassy spread in the middle of the Hamilton farm on Sunday, Sept. 2 with all the traditional fixings of a dual-cultural couple. Bhargava is of Indian decent and his bride is Jewish American.

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Dr. Ross D. E. MacPhee holds a mammoth tusk in the AMNH fossil collection.   Tina Gaud © AMNH

Cracking the woolly mammoth genome might solve the mystery of what killed them and other giant ice-age animals

2006-11-11 - Hamilton, Ontario, United States. Jeff Hecht

AFTER a tantalisingly successful run at sequencing parts of the extinct woolly mammoth's genome, the project is now stalled for lack of funds. The team now needs about $500,000 to pay for 100 more runs on the sequencing machine and is applying for grants, Ross MacPhee of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City says. "We accept cheques in any convertible denomination."

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1 Headlines about Elephants from Hamilton, Ontario2006-11-11 - Hamilton, Ontario, United States - Cracking the woolly mammoth genome might solve the mystery of what killed them and other giant ice-age animals

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