Zoo Cologne - Elephant Bars

2009-01-16 - Cologne, Germany. Martin Junius

Zoo Cologne - Elephant Bars

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Architecture: Oxen + Römer Architekten, Hürth

Elephant Park at Cologne Zoo

2008-11-10 - Cologne, Germany.

The Elephant House at Cologne Zoo, built in 1863 in the Moorish style, and originally intended to be temperorary only, turned out to be very long lasting. Finally a new Elephant Park was opened on 19.09.2004. This new project took into consideration the latest knowledge about the way of life of Asian elephants and the best way to look after them in zoos.

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Shu Thu Zar (right) and the bull Bindu (left) Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany

Stillbirth by Shu Thu Zar in Cologne Zoo

2008-03-11 - Cologne, Germany. Dan Koehl

Tuesday morning a stillborn asian elephant calf was found by the elephant keepers in Zoo Cologne. The birth was sceduled for late April. This was the first baby for the mother, 13 year old Shu Thu Zar, and Cologne veterinarians belive that the baby was dead for over half a year in the mothers uterus.

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Ming Jung with mom Tong Koon

Baby Elephant Ming Jung Tries to Edge Out Star Polar Bear Knut

2007-04-25 - Cologne, United States. Louisa Schaefer

Cologne's ego-centrism has won out. The "mini-phant" (as the city's Express readers had dubbed their little darling for the short term) is due to be christened "Ming Jung" on Wednesday, April 25. "Ming Jung," one might add, is the Cologne dialect expression for mein Junge, or "my boy." Only the people of Cologne could detect the symmetries between their city and the Orient.

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Elephants Aung Bo and Aung Si transfered from Cologne Zoo to Sevilla in Spain

2007-04-20 - Cologne, Germany. Dan Koehl, Stephanie Wroben, Raesfeld, Germany

Today the young asian bulls Aung Bo and Aung Si, six and five yers old and both born in Emmen Zoo in Netherlands, left Cologne Zoo for Sevilla in Spain. Sevilla Exotic animals reserve Castillo de las Guardas in Spain has now 6 asian bulls between five and ten years, and no cows.

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Elephant baby in Cologne Zoo

2007-04-16 - Cologne, Germany. Dan Koehl

Sometime during the night to monday morning the 23 year old elephant Tong Koon gave birth to a male calf in Cologne Zoo. When the keepers left in the evening, there was no indication for birth, and next morning the 100 kgs heavy calf was there. Tong Koon was imported pregnant from Thailand.

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New elephant park opening in Cologne Zoo, Germany

2004-09-09 - Cologne, Germany. Barbara Brem

On September 9th, the “Elephant Park” was officially opened in Cologne. Three bulls and two cows from Holland and England, as well as a six-year old bull from Singapore now live on 5,000 square meters interior enclosure and in a 15,000 square meters outdoor park. The 20,000 square meter facility takes up approximately ten percent of the overall zoo property.

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7 Headlines about Elephants from Cologne2009-01-16 - Cologne, Germany - Zoo Cologne - Elephant Bars 2008-11-10 - Cologne, Germany - Elephant Park at Cologne Zoo 2008-03-11 - Cologne, Germany - Stillbirth by Shu Thu Zar in Cologne Zoo 2007-04-25 - Cologne, United States - Baby Elephant Ming Jung Tries to Edge Out Star Polar Bear Knut 2007-04-20 - Cologne, Germany - Elephants Aung Bo and Aung Si transfered from Cologne Zoo to Sevilla in Spain 2007-04-16 - Cologne, Germany - Elephant baby in Cologne Zoo 2004-09-09 - Cologne, Germany - New elephant park opening in Cologne Zoo, Germany

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