Rare Sumatran elephant found dead in Aceh

2015-11-18 - Aceh, Indonesia.

A RARE Sumatran elephant has been found dead in Indonesias Aceh province after apparently eating fertiliser. THE body of the six-year-old male was found in a coffee plantation in Pidie district on Tuesday, said Genman Hasibuan, the head of the provincial Nature Conservancy Agency. "We suspect he died of accidental poisoning because we found splattered fertiliser urea nearby," left behind by a farmer in his hut, Hasibuan said.

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Elephant dies as conflict with humans intensifies

2015-11-13 - Aceh, Indonesia.

Since last week, residents of Seumanah Jaya subdistrict in Ranto Peureulak district have been forced to stay away from their plantations after a herd of some 50 wild elephants took over the area. We no longer know what to do to get rid of the wild elephants, Sumanah Jaya subdistrict head Jamian told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

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In this photograph taken on August 29, 2014, a mahout for the elephant patrol unit run by Leuser International Foundation prepares his Sumatran elephant for a patrol in Langkat District, North Sumatra Province, located near the Leuser ecosystem forest co

Endangered Sumatran elephant found butchered, tusks missing

2015-04-15 - Aceh, Indonesia.

A Sumatran elephant has been found shot dead in Indonesia with its tusks removed and its head badly mutilated, an official said Wednesday, the latest suspected attack by poachers on the critically-endangered animals. The carcass of the male elephant, aged around 20, was found Monday in a forest in Aceh province, on western Sumatra island, local conservation agency chief Genman Suhefti Hasibuan told AFP.

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Another male elephant, Genk, was found dead in Aceh Jaya last year. His poachers are currently on trial.  Genk

Police apprehend elephant-killers in Sumatra

2014-05-01 - Aceh, Indonesia.

Eleven people were arrested on April 16 by West Aceh police for allegedly killing a Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus sumatranus), in a forest six kilometers away from Teupin Panah village, Kaway XVI, in the West Aceh district. The suspects -- five from Ceumara village, one from Babah Lueng village, three from Seumantok village, and two from Teupin Panah village -- confessed to killing two elephants in Pante Ceuremen forest and one elephant in Kaway XVI over the course of a year.

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Wild Elephant Found Dead in East Aceh

2010-07-12 - Aceh, Indonesia.

The corpse of a wild male elephant has been found near a palm plantation owned by PT Bumi Flora in East Aceh district, an official said on Monday. Ridwan, who serves at the Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), confirmed on Monday that the body of the elephant had been discovered by a local on Friday. “When I found the body, one of its tusks had been sawn off. I was informed that the elephant was poisoned deliberately,” Ridwan said.

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5 Headlines about Elephants from Aceh2015-11-18 - Aceh, Indonesia - Rare Sumatran elephant found dead in Aceh 2015-11-13 - Aceh, Indonesia - Elephant dies as conflict with humans intensifies 2015-04-15 - Aceh, Indonesia - Endangered Sumatran elephant found butchered, tusks missing 2014-05-01 - Aceh, Indonesia - Police apprehend elephant-killers in Sumatra 2010-07-12 - Aceh, Indonesia - Wild Elephant Found Dead in East Aceh

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