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Seattle zoo transfers ownership of elephants to other zoos
Seattle´s Woodland Park Zoo has transferred ownership of its Asian elephants to zoos in Oklahoma City and St. Louis, where the animals are now living. Female elephants Bamboo and Chai were moved to Oklahoma City Zoo th...
2015-11-16   Seattle, United States Category: trade

Zoos clash with sanctuaries over treatment of elephant TB
The country’s two elephant sanctuaries have, indeed, taken in several animals with confirmed or suspected cases of the disease. When officials at Woodland Park Zoo decided to send Seattle’s aging females, Chai a...
2015-04-11   Seattle, United States Category: medical

Preparing To Move The Woodland Park Zoo Elephants to Oklahoma City Zoo.
Woodland Park Zoo is actively preparing its two Asian Elephants, Chai and Bamboo, to make the journey to Oklahoma City Zoo. Nancy Hawkes, the zoo’s Curator, says it involves months of planning. “Anything to do w...
2015-04-09   Seattle, United States Category: relocation

Federal judge refuses to block Seattle elephants' transfer from one zoo to another
A federal judge on Tuesday criticized conditions for elephants at both the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and the Oklahoma City Zoo but refused to block the transfer of two aging Seattle elephants to Oklahoma. U.S. District Jud...
2015-04-09   Seattle, United States Category: misc

Op-ed: Zoos play a vital role protecting wild elephants and their habitat
Communicating the very serious threat to elephants in the wild — and working to save them — are the most important reasons to have elephants in zoos, write two members of the Woodland Park Zoo board of directors...
2012-12-09   Seattle, United States Category: zoo

Statement on Elephant Care at Woodland Park Zoo
Recently, the Seattle Times published a two-part series on elephants in zoos. Woodland Park Zoo’s approach to elephant care and our attempt to help perpetuate the species by inseminating Chai, one of our Asian elephant...
2012-12-04   Seattle, United States Category: zoo

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