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Cameron Park Zoo staff mourns 40-year-old African elephant Tanya
Tanya, an African elephant who lived in Cameron Park Zoo, died at the age of 40 after “exhaustive efforts by the Zoo’s veterinarian and animal care staff,” the zoo announced Monday. A preliminary necropsy revealed signs...
2020-10-06   , United States Category: death

Bones unearthed in Franklin yard may be those of mastodon
Past the driveways and decorative mailboxes of a quiet Franklin cul de sac, the ancient bones of what´s likely a mastodon and the tools of prehistoric America are seeing sunlight for the first time in thousands of years...
2010-10-19   Franklin, United States Category: fossil

Africa: taking flight over Kenya's elephant country. There is always something new out of Africa. Here Brian Jackman visits Kenya's remote northern territory.
Samburu is elephant country. Arthur Neumann, the legendary Victorian ivory hunter, used to camp here in what is today the Samburu National Reserve, and now it is where Iain Douglas-Hamilton, one of the world's most distinguis...
2009-01-18   Samburu, Kenya Category: research

Ownership of Benson's Wild Animal Farm now with Hudson
Sure, it was huge, full of fun rides and oddball sights, and loaded with animals you'd usually have to leave the United States to see. But still, you'd think it would get old after a while, given it was so close by, right in ...
2009-01-10   Hudson, United States Category: zoo

Wild wedding in Mendon
It's not uncommon for a groom to include his sister in his wedding party. The story becomes significantly more unique when you find out his "sister" is an elephant. Joshua Schacht, 22, and Ashley Glass, 18, were married last ...
2008-07-26   Mendon, United States Category: event

Thanks for the memories, Jambo and Kito
AN elephant never forgets, and we won't either. Since Kito and Jambo were born at Colchester Zoo thousands of adoring visitors have enjoyed watching them play, eat and grow. And The Evening Star has followed their progress cl...
2007-12-30   Colchester, United Kingdom Category: relocation

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