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A decade after her rescue, ‘Britain’s loneliest elephant’ will not retire to France, despite campaign effort
An elephant called Anne, who spent 55 years performing in the circus before she was rescued in 2011 and brought to Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, will not retire to France, her keepers have said. Uprooting her from famili...
2021-04-08   Warminster, United Kingdom Category: welfare

Police track India-Nepal elephant trafficking. As safari tourism collapses, Nepali captive elephants are being sold illegally to buyers in India
A domesticated elephant used for safaris in Chitwan National Park which was being illegally transported to India in contravention of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) is being tracked by Nepa...
2021-03-19   Sauraha, Nepal Category: smuggle

Rescued baby elephant sent to safari park
The three-month-old female calf, weighing 121 kg, was handed over to safari park authorities on Wednesday. It was found abandoned beside Monkhali canal under Shaplapur beat office of Huiyakkong range of Cox's Bazar South Fore...
2021-03-12   Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh Category: relocation

Texas zoo cancels controversial deal to buy African Lion Safari elephants for $2M
A spokesperson for the Fort Worth Zoo said this week that the permit to import Emily and Nellie from Canada was withdrawn last year "following an internal decision" from management, and "those two elephants" would not be impo...
2021-03-05   Fort Worth, United States Category: trade

Sophi, a 52-year-old African elephant, has died at the Indianapolis Zoo
Zoo officials said they made "the difficult decision" to euthanize Sophi after her condition declined over the last few days. At 52 years old, Sophi "was among the oldest African elephants in human care in North America."
2020-10-08   Indianapolis, United States Category: death

Sauraha elephant keepers hope cooperative model to revive pandemic-hit safari business
For months, elephant owners in Sauraha have been struggling to feed their elephants as there are no tourists visiting the place these days. No tourists mean no business. Under a revenue-sharing cooperative mode, the elephant ...
2020-10-08   Sauraha, Nepal Category: organisation

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