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New elephants for Auckland zoo approved
Auckland Zoo´s beloved elephant Burma is set to get new companions after the council approved a proposal to import two young elephants from Sri Lanka. Two female elephants will be brought over from Sri Lanka at a cost o...
2011-05-25   Auckland, New Zealand Category: zoo

ShowMe Elephants: Tom Packs Elephants
The Tom Packs Elephants were considered the best trained elephant act of its time. Trained by elephant master Mac MacDonald, they represented the epitome of class and skill throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s. Originally ...
2010-10-06   St. Louis, United States Category: blog

Second vet clears Ringling Bros. elephants for action
Two days after the city sent a letter to Ringling Bros. officials declaring four elephants unfit under a new city ordinance to perform in a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus show at Arco Arena, it followed up with a s...
2010-09-12   Sacramento, United States Category: medical

SHO Pearly Prince elephant moves to pet hotel
The SHO Jewellery Pearly Prince elephant, which raised £18,000 at auction for conservation charity the World Land Trust, is leaving Coutts. The Swarovski embellished elephant will be taking pride of place in the lobby of an ...
2010-07-13   London, United Kingdom Category: misc

I fell in love with a baby elephant (and packed my trunk to live in the jungle)
I sold my house and used some of the money to buy a round-the-world ticket. At first all went to plan. It was a dream holiday, and by the time I arrived in Thailand, I was in good spirits. Then one day I decided to join some ...
2009-12-10   Si Satchanalai, Thailand Category: people

Keepers at Riverbanks Zoo help two elephants acclimate to S.C. Newcomers remain in private following move from Florida
Riverbanks' new elephants must mesh with the old-timers before they go public. The two new African elephants at Riverbanks Zoo didn't appear at the Ndoki Forest exhibit magically, even if they do have Disney heritage. It's be...
2007-12-20   Columbia, United States Category: relocation

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