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If you’ve seen one elephant, have you seen them all? "A horse is a horse" – but is any elephant just another elephant?
Few people realize that Asian and African elephants are about as different from one another as we are from chimpanzees. That’s not an exaggeration – the estimated time that they diverged from a common ancestor is about s...
2012-02-11   Uda Walawe, Sri Lanka Category: wild

Toledo Zoo gets ready for new addition
The Toledo Zoo is getting ready for a new addition -- a baby! This one´s going to big, nearly 300 pounds! Louie the elephant is about to get a sibling! Louie´s mother, Renee, is pregnant with her second calf. And ...
2011-05-19   Toledo, United States Category: birth

New elephants coming two by two to Dallas Zoo
Like birds in spring, elephants have been flocking to the Dallas Zoo over the past few weeks. Two female African elephants – Kamba, 30 years old and weighing 4,700 pounds, and Congo, 32, weighing 5,400 pounds – have joine...
2010-03-06   Dallas, United States Category: relocation

Ko Phraya Petch: a refuge for ferocious elephants
Ferocious killer elephants have been capturing headlines--and public wonder--in Thailand’s local news, but the reasons for the mounting numbers of elephants with an attitude–just why they have become ferocious, is not cle...
2009-10-03   Ayutthaya, Thailand Category: facility

Dallas Zoo sets attendance record in memorable year
The Dallas Zoo broke its attendance record this past year, welcoming 670,084 visitors in the 2007-08 fiscal year, which ended Tuesday. That's nearly 24,000 more visitors than the previous record of 646,169 set in 1979. It was...
2008-10-03   Dallas, United States Category: zoo

Injured Thai elephants find loving care at pachyderm clinic
"Hey, little one, come to mama," chirps Soraida Salwala. The "little one" is a female elephant calf named Mosha, and she knows that Soraida never visits her empty-handed. She approaches Soraida to find a treat of bananas. Sor...
2008-06-05   Lampang, Thailand Category: welfare

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