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Saint Louis Zoo announces pregnant elephant
Ellie, one of the Saint Louis Zoo’s Asian elephants, is pregnant with her third calf. Ellie has two other daughters, 6-year-old Maliha, 16-year-old Rani. Ellie is also the grandmother of Rani’s daughter, Kenzi, ...
2012-08-02   Saint Louis, United States Category: birth

Saint Louis Zoo Elephant Has Miscarriage. Ellie Was 36 Weeks Into Pregnancy.
The Saint Louis Zoo´s has announced that Ellie, a pregnant Asian elephant, experienced an early pregnancy loss overnight. Keepers, curators, and veterinarians have been monitoring her closely since Monday due to a disch...
2010-07-08   Forest Park, United States Category: death

Shes pregnant! St. Louis Zoo announces their second pregnant elephant
The Saint Louis Zoo has announced that Ellie, one of its Asian elephants, is pregnant. She is 38 years old and this will be her third birth. Her daughter, Maliha, will turn four years old on August 2, 2010. And her 14-year-o...
2010-03-16   Saint Louis, United States Category: birth

Two baby elephants now due in the summer of 2011
Ellie, a 38-year-old Asian elephant at the St. Louis Zoo, is expecting her third baby. The Zoo announced this morning that Ellie is due in late summer 2011. An elephant pregnancy lasts about 22 months. Ellie has two daughters...
2010-03-15   St. Louis, United States Category: birth

St. Louis Zoos elephant Rani is pregnant
The St. Louis Zoo is expecting a 300-pound bundle of joy next summer. Asian elephant Rani is almost five months into her 22-month pregnancy. Raja, the first elephant ever born at the St. Louis Zoo, is the father. Rani is eat...
2010-01-20   St. Louis, Missouri, United States Category: birth

Happy Birthday, Raja!
Raja turns a whopping 17. The Zoo's bull Asian Elephant will receive special presents at 11 a.m. on his birthday, Sunday, December 27 in River's Edge at the Saint Louis Zoo, weather permitting. Visitors are invited to sing "H...
2009-12-27   St. Louis, Missouri, United States Category: zoo

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