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The rate of human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka has increased exponentially in recent years. The highest number of human-elephant conflicts since 1948 was recorded in 2019, with 405 elephants and 121 humans reported dead, ,â...
2020-10-02   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: conflict

Pregnant female jumbo felled by shotgun in Sri Lanka
It was a double tragedy – the bullets not only killed the cow-elephant but also the unborn baby she was carrying at Demaliya, close to the northern boundary of the Lunugamvehera National Park last Wednesday. Gunned down by ...
2012-01-16   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: poaching

Govt to do away with jumbo translocation
The Wildlife Conservation Department has decided to do away with elephant translocation with immediate effect considering the negative impact it has caused to both humans and elephants, a spokesperson of the Department told t...
2011-04-04   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: relocation

Experts debate jumbo problem
Another elephant killed due to gunshot wounds or electrocution has become a piece of news that we see almost every day. The deaths of wild elephants and humans seem to be increasing, with no immediate solution at hand. But wh...
2009-10-18   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: conflict

The fall of Ravana
Among the many elephant deaths we hear of, this was particularly shocking. Not only because it was a majestic tusker being monitored through a satellite collar, but also because it was killed inside a national park. Ravana di...
2008-10-05   , Sri Lanka Category: death

No reasons to fear that elephant population is diminishing. A new transition from human-elephant conflict to human-elephant coexistence
In Sri Lanka our Flora and Fauna Protection Ordinance (1937) and National Policy on elephants (1996) strictly prohibited culling as a measure to control elephant population. Our culture is based on compassion to all living be...
2008-03-04   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: conservation

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