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Elephants join in mourning death of zoo's beloved Buki
For several hours Monday, Jothi and Surapa hovered over a lifeless Buki in the Buffalo Zoo's Elephant House. The younger Asian elephants nudged the matriarch's head and brushed her body with their trunks, presumably in the ho...
2009-09-29   Buffalo, United States Category: death

Buki the elephant dies. Buffalo Zoo favorite was 52 years old
Buki, one of the Buffalo Zoo’s beloved Asian elephants, has died at the age of 52. A long-time resident, she was a favorite among visitors and a special friend to Zoo staff. Keepers were present when she passed away at 5:40...
2009-09-28   Buffalo, United States Category: death

Maggie feeling the California love
Alaskans keep asking for updates on Maggie the elephant -- folks just can't seem to get enough. Maggie has joined the herd of four other African elephants at the Performing Animal Welfare Society, or P.A.W.S., Sanctuary in Ca...
2008-05-27   Anchorage, United States Category: film

Elephant update: Ruby finds a good home in Northern California
No doubt, Ruby--with her fabled elephant's memory--has not forgotten that this is her first anniversary at PAWS sanctuary in San Andreas. One year ago today, the Los Angeles Zoo's female African elephant, Ruby, left behind he...
2008-05-15   San Francisco, United States Category: misc

Maggie's poised to join the girls. Elephant sanctuary doesn't want first encounter to be a mud-wrestling event.
Maggie is ready to join the gang. And the gang is ready for her. Now if it would just stop raining. Mud is the only thing keeping the fence up between Maggie and the four other African elephants at the Performing Animal Welfa...
2008-02-05   San Andreas, United States Category: zoo

Maggie joins California culture with her sunshine workouts. Hill walks are part of shaping up to socialize.
About the only thing keeping Alaska's favorite ex-pat from mixing it up with those elephants on the other side of the fence is a little muscle. With that fitness goal in mind, we bring you Maggie's 10-minute workout video. It...
2007-11-27   San Andreas, United States Category: misc

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