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Business mogul adopts Suzi in Lahore Zoo
A business tycoon has adopted female elephant ëSuzií of the Lahore Zoo for one year after paying an amount of Rs 732,000. A colorful ceremony was held in this regard at the Lahore Zoo on Saturday, which was attended by stud...
2008-03-09   Lahore, Pakistan Category: event

Suzi still awaiting her better half
The Lahore Zoo continues to deprive the 26-year-old Suzi of her groom, while catering to other demands of entertainment for the public at large. Officials concerned maintained that the administration concerned had always negl...
2008-02-26   Lahore, Pakistan Category: welfare

Special programmes: Let’s go to the zoo for Eid
The Lahore Zoo has planned special Eid programmes including puppet and other entertainment shows to attract children and visitors during the Eid holidays. The tiger, lion and monkey cages are expected to attract the maximum n...
2007-12-21   Lahore, Pakistan Category: zoo

Pakistani elephant beats keeper when meals late
A Pakistani zoo is appealing for donations to help feed its sole elephant, Suzi, which gets angry and beats its keeper with a stick when its meals are late. When Suzi is not fed on time it holds its masters cane in its trunk ...
2007-06-04   Islamabad, Pakistan Category: misc

Lions and tigers in Karachi zoo. No elephants? Oh, My!
The Karachi zoo has been unable to replace the widely loved elephant Anarkali who died in July last year at the age of 65. One of the main reasons is that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) banned the transpor...
2007-03-19   KARACHI, Pakistan Category: zoo

Mr President, we need an elephant for our zoo
It has been almost six months since the death of “Anarkali,” who passed away on July17, 2006, and the Karachi Zoo still remains without an elephant, which is considered as a major source of attraction at any zoo. Anarkali...
2007-01-27   Karachi, Pakistan Category: trade

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