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Unimaginable horror as helicopter-borne poachers massacre 22 elephants before hacking off their tusks and genitals.
In a scene of inconceivable horror, these slaughtered elephant carcasses show the barbaric lengths poachers will go to in their hunt for nature´s grim booty. The bodies were among a herd of 22 animals massacred in a hel...
2012-04-25   Garamba National Park, Congo Category: poaching

The woman who fosters elephants in Kenya
For more than half a century Dame Daphne Sheldrick has rescued and looked after orphaned elephants and other animals in Kenya. Daphne Sheldrick´s elephant orphanage sits in a corner of Nairobi National Park. Every morni...
2012-02-24   Nairobi, Kenya Category: abstract

Tiger, Elephant Parts Found in Thai Slaughterhouse Bust
When two Bangkok cops spotted a man on a street last Saturday whose hands were caked in blood, they decided some tough questioning was in order. The man led them to a nearby house where they found a group of men cutting up tw...
2012-02-08   , Thailand Category: misc

Africa: taking flight over Kenya's elephant country. There is always something new out of Africa. Here Brian Jackman visits Kenya's remote northern territory.
Samburu is elephant country. Arthur Neumann, the legendary Victorian ivory hunter, used to camp here in what is today the Samburu National Reserve, and now it is where Iain Douglas-Hamilton, one of the world's most distinguis...
2009-01-18   Samburu, Kenya Category: research

A Geographic look at bushmeat hunting in DRCongo.
Garamba: “The Sudanese horsemen have killed almost 1,000 elephants in the past year and are on the verge of eliminating the last wild population of northern white rhinos.” (Norton. Interior Secretary of USA, 2004) Salonga...
2008-03-09   Kinshasa, Congo Category: poaching

Assorted Ringling pictures #12
This well known 50 elephant picture appeared in 1933, the Ringling's 50th Anniversary 1884-'33. The only problem was that the show only carried 41 elephants at the time so Roland Butler gets credit for increasing the herd. T...
2008-02-11   Ruskin, United States Category: blog

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