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Donations sought for Hanako
People who miss Hanako, the popular elephant who died in May at a Tokyo zoo, can chip in via the internet to help build a statue in her memory. Hanako reached the age of 69 and was the nation’s oldest elephant. An exec...
2016-11-01   Tokyo, Japan Category: misc

Religion Journal: How to Dress an Elephant
Kishinchand Chadiram Thadhani has been dressing elephants for 47 years. He is the official outfitter to the elephants taking part in one of Buddhism’s most significant festivals; the Kandy Esala Perahera in Sri Lanka. The 1...
2012-07-31   Kandy, Sri Lanka Category: people

Elephant eaters see no shame in jumbo meal. Villagers in Phrae province sustained by pachyderms in death, as they were in life
When elephant meat becomes available at a small village in Phrae province, fanciers of the rare meal are quick to buy up the treat. ''On a day that elephant meat is available in the village, it is eagerly snapped up and sells...
2009-12-13   Phrae, Thailand Category: misc

FEATURE-China ivory demand bodes ill for Africa's elephants
Tucked into a grimy building in Guangzhou, a small band of Chinese master carvers chip away at ivory tusks with chisels, fashioning them into the sorts of intricate carvings that were prized by Chinese emperors. A passion for...
2009-11-10   Nairobi, Kenya Category: smuggle

Kublai Khan - The end of a majestic trail
Dubbed Kublai Khan for his majestic form, the eight-foot tusker who died last Sunday was a favourite with visitors to the Yala park. Here veteran wildlife photographer and researcher Lal Anthonis who has been studying the Yal...
2009-08-30   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: death

It’s polo Jim, but not as we know it
The world may be lurching into recession, but in the jungles of southern Nepal, it’s business as usual for the eclectic bunch of jetsetters gathered for their annual festival of Pimm’s and elephant polo. An idea thought ...
2008-12-05   Meghauli, Nepal Category: misc

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