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Penney the elephant is euthanized at the Kansas City Zoo
Penney the elephant was a favorite at the Kansas City Zoo for 40 years after coming here as a “mail order bride,” and she helped inspire a popular book and movie. But on Tuesday the four-ton animal was euthanized after it...
2012-01-25   Kansas City , United States Category: death

Elephant Ban Among Vermont's Statehouse Action
In a year dominated by a mammoth state budget crisis, statehouse lawmakers have found plenty of other causes to sponsor. "You know the old saying, 'Every bill is important to somebody or it wouldn't have been introduced,'" Go...
2010-01-14   Montpelier, Vermont, United States Category: circus

Ben Williams rode to his niche on the backs of elephants
The crowd hunkered in the dark as smells of cotton candy and peanuts filled the air. "And now, please welcome …" the ringmaster intoned over a drumroll before the payoff: "Ben Williams and Anna May!" The curtain opened, and...
2009-10-08   Ruskin, Florida, United States Category: death

Three's company: Female elephants explore new domain
The stage is set for the biggest romance Somerset County has ever seen. But only one of the two players is certain: Jackson, the bull elephant who lives at the International Conservation Center. He gets to pick his love inter...
2009-07-28   Fairhope, United States Category: relocation

Grand Elephant Is Still Alone
These days one can find few visitors in Yerevan's zoological garden. The employees say visitors will increase with the start of the season, from May 1. The director says the zoo had no losses in the winter. Just on the contra...
2009-04-03   Yerevan, Armenia Category: facility

Bangor: For kids, it was a weekend of clowning glory at circus
An elephant grazing on hay outside the Bangor Auditorium caused drivers to do a double take as they drove down Buck Street on Friday afternoon. The Anah Temple’s 45th annual Shrine Circus was in town for the weekend and dre...
2008-04-28   Bangor, United States Category: circus

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