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The elephant house in Tierpark Berlin is now empty, first time since 1955
The last elephants left East Berlin Tierpark to Leipzig today, leaving the elephant house empty for the first time since 1955. After renovation, which will take two years, only African elephants will be kept in the renovated ...
2020-09-25   Berlin, Germany Category: facility

Pakistan's Lone Elephant Prepared for Move To Cambodia
A team of veterinary experts from different parts of the world has conducted a medical examination on Pakistan's only Asian elephant, a procedure before moving the animal to its new home in Cambodia. Kaavan, the 34-year-old o...
2020-09-06   Islamabad, Pakistan Category: relocation

Berlin elephants enjoy late festive snack: Christmas trees
Zoo elephants in Berlin have enjoyed a light festive snack: a late delivery of Christmas trees. The New Year feeding of unsold pine trees has become an annual event. Zookeeper Mario Hammerschmidt says the trees are certified ...
2016-01-08   Berlin, Germany Category: zoo

Berlin zoo elephant baby is actually a boy
Zoo workers in Berlin admitted on Monday that they had made a mistake about the sex of the newest member of their elephant herd. It´s easier than one might think with elephants, as pachyderms´ male member is discr...
2016-01-04   Berlin, Germany Category: birth

Newborn elephant at Vienna Zoo
This is the first calf which was sired through artificial insemination with frozen sperm and its father is a wild elephant bull at Phinda Reserve in Africa. Through a novel technique which was developed by a team from Berlinâ...
2013-09-05   Vienna, Austria Category: birth

The WEIRD Psychology of Elephants
Yasui S, Konno A, Tanaka M, Idani G, Ludwig A, Lieckfeldt D, & Inoue-Murayama M (2012). Personality Assessment and Its Association With Genetic Factors in Captive Asian and African Elephants. The researchers write, “this st...
2012-10-03   Tokyo, Japan Category: research

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