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The Way We Were: Circus came to Augusta and brought mystery with it
In February, officials investigating the elephant deaths determined the animals had probably eaten vegetation sprayed with herbicides during the Atlanta stop, gotten sick and died.The circus train left Augusta for Charleston,...
2019-11-17   Augusta, United States Category: death

Elephant trunk makes an excellent robot
Scientists hope to one day develop a robotic gripper modelled on the dexterous trunks of elephants. The boneless appendage can easily pick up objects as small as a peanut or as heavy as a log. But how do elephants regulate th...
2017-01-24   Atlanta, United States Category: misc

Judge's order halts Fulton elephant bullhook ban
A Fulton Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order Monday that could prevent the county from enforcing animal control laws in the city of Atlanta, according to a Fulton County commissioner. Commissioner Rob Pi...
2012-02-14   Fulton, United States Category: abstract

Wanted: More Big Animals. The National Zoo is running dangerously low on "charismatic megafauna"
Years of renovations and new exhibits at the National Zoo have taken their toll on the institution’s most important residents: the crowd-pleasing animals known as “charismatic megafauna.” Zoos have learned that to attra...
2010-09-01   Washington, United States Category: facility

Zoo Atlanta: Elephant Lead Keeper
This is a salaried position that is responsible for implementing departmental activities and staff training of the Elephant Area of the Mammal Department. Staff in the Elephant Area cares for African elephants and warthogs. Z...
2010-07-06   Atlanta, United States Category: job

The Family Behind Family Entertainment. Three generations of Felds keep family fun center stage
When Alana Feld turned 7, her backyard birthday party included a live elephant and a one-horned "unicorn" goat, followed by a field trip for all of her classmates to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Her sist...
2009-10-01   Vienna, United States Category: people

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