Elephants beat the summer heat in gigantic swimming pool in Pune

Elephants beat the summer heat in gigantic swimming pool at zoo in Pune

2021-03-19 - Pune, India.

Agigantic swimming pool has been constructed for two elephants at a zoo in Pune. The pool has been built at the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park in Katraj. Meera and Janaki, two female elephants in the park, enjoy in the pool every single day as seen in the pictures. Tajjudin, the trainer of the two 25-year-old elephants, explained how he has been taking care, nurturing and training the animals since the past 18 years. The 55-year-old trainer said that his forefathers have been in Pune since the las...

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Baby elephant rescued from pond in southwest China

2020-10-20 - Pu'er City, China.

A baby Asian elephant was rescued on October 17 after it got trapped in a pond in Pu'er City, Yunnan Province. Forest service center staff members discovered the elephant at around 22:30. After freeing the baby, they treated its bruises and returned it to its mother.

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Four jumbos from Rambo Circus retire, rehabilitated

2017-01-02 - Pune, India.

John Mathew, manager of Rambo Circus, said, “Seven mahouts, who took care of the four elephants at the Rambo Circus, have also shifted to Jamnagar with additional staff and a veterinarian."Saraswati and Champa were shifted to Jamnagar in September, Anar and Nitya moved two weeks ago as their transit permit was awaited.

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Zoo"s kitty swells with elephant adoption plan

2014-05-05 - Pune, India.

The adoption of elephants, as part of the Katraj zoo adoption scheme, contributed to a major chunk of the money raised through this scheme last year. The zoo raised Rs 5.55 lakh in 2013, the second highest amount collected since the scheme´s launch in 2010. It costs Rs 45,000 a month to care for an elephant and last year, the elephants were adopted several times

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On My Nightstand: ‘Water for Elephants’ tender and cruel

2014-05-04 - Punta Gorda, United States. Barbara J. Bonsignore

Jacob reminisces about his earlier life as chief medical person for all of the animals at the Benzini Bros. Circus – “The Greatest Show on Earth.” He dropped out of vet school before his final exam so was technically a vet student. The author gives us a varied tapestry of life behind the scenes at “The Big Top” – the greed, poverty, violence, tawdriness, friendship and caring between the circus employees.

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37-year-old Jumbo gets back to her elephant ways with a roll in her sandpit at Franklin Zoo in Pukekohe. She will soon have an indoor sandpit to play in during winter.

Jumbos out of the circus and living the good life

2010-05-17 - Pukekohe, New Zealand.

Kapiti animal rights campaigners say their battle to save Jumbo the elephant has proved worthwhile, with news the former circus performer is making big strides in her rehabilitation. The 37-year-old African elephant caused a stir in Paraparaumu when she appeared in the Loritz Circus in 2008, with a group of local protestors unhappy with her treatment.

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No jumbo performance in Pune circus

2009-12-22 - Pune, India. Vivek Sabnis

Circus may soon phase out elephants after an order from Central Zoo Authority. The popular Rambo circus will probably not have its most famous elephant trick this season. And this is because the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) is contemplating to move all elephants from the zoo and circuses to wildlife parks and sanctuaries.

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1 killed as elephant herd strays into Purulia village

2009-10-12 - Purulia, India.

A villager was killed when wild elephants strayed into a village in Jhalda range of Purulia district today. Forest officials said the 12-member herd strayed into Sikarpahar village from Dalma hills in adjoining Jharkhand and went on a rampage destroying crops and flattening mud houses. One Brajabhusan Mahto was trampled to death as he fell before the herd. Locals protested to the forest officials as attempts were on to drive away the herd to its habitat.

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A destroyed crop

No crops, no compensation. Puttalam farmers say they may have to quit farming as human-elephant conflict rages on

2008-08-30 - Puttlalam, Sri Lanka. Hiran Priyankara Jayasinghe

Puttlalam district farmers who have been severely affected by rampaging elephants say they may even have to give up farming, in the face of little or no state compensation or measures to minimise the human-elephant conflict. “Elephants have destroyed our crops that cost us many months of hard labour. This is in addition to being in debt over the capital to plant these crops,” lamented T. D. Ranbanda a farmer from the village of Mahauswewa in Anamaduwa.

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Zoo wants elephant moved out

2008-04-22 - Pune, India.

The Rajiv Gandhi zoological park at Katraj on Monday moved an application before judicial magistrate first class SJ Ansari urging her to direct the forest department, Pune, to take custody of an elephant on the grounds that the park is unable to maintain the animal due to paucity of funds. The forest department had impounded 'Poornima' after it was found begging on June 7, 2007 and prosecuted the mahout, Dineshkumar Satyanarayan Tiwari, after he failed to produce evidence that he owned the anima...

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Poornima’s foot infection: Officials give lame excuse

2008-04-09 - Pune, India. Chandan Haygunde

Poornima, the female elephant which was sent to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park in Katraj by a local court last year, is ailing. The elephant has developed infection to its foot. And the fingers are being pointed at the zoo officials and the mahout who have allegedly failed to make the elephant walk for 10 kms everyday as stipulated by the court. The forest department had impounded Poornima from Koregaon Park in June 2007 after it was found to be used for begging by its mahout Mahendra Pande.

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PARTY TIME: Sivan’s guardian Shaji was overwhelmed by the response his baby elephant got.

Big bash for big baby: Elephant Sivan turns one

2008-04-03 - Puthenkulam, India.

Take Kerala’s love for elephants and add to it an elephant who is turning one and what you get is a gala birthday bash. Baby elephant Sivan turned one on Wednesday and his birthday celebration was an event people in Puthenkulam will remember for years to come. People came in hundreds to wish him, among them a former minister and actor Ganesh Kumar, but no one had doubts about who the VIP was for this one day. Sivan’s guardian Shaji was overwhelmed by the response his baby elephant got and sa...

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Tusker death

2007-10-17 - Purulia, India.

A tusker was killed after being hit by a goods train early this morning in Purulia today. The incident is the first of its kind in the southern districts of the state. There were several incidents of elephants being run over by speeding trains in north Bengal. The incident occurred between Torag and Suisa stations of the Ranchi division of South Eastern railway in Purulia around 1 am when a herd of 14 elephants was crossing the railway line.

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Elephant used for begging: Three sadhus in custody

2007-10-16 - Pune, India.

EVEN as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) continues its campaign against the entry of elephants in urban areas, the problem continues to be rampant in Pune, with yet another elephant found being used for begging by three men in the Loni Kalbhor area. The three men, clad in sadhu robes, have now been taken into custody and a complaint has been lodged at the Loni Kalbhor Police Station under various sections of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Bombay Beggary Ac...

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High profile lawyer to elephants rescue

2007-08-20 - Pune, India.

Wild life lawyer Mahendra Kacchava, who was instrumental in getting actor Salman Khan convicted for poaching a black buck, will be in the city to fight for two elephants Lakshmi and Poornima rescued in June after they were found walking the city roads begging for their mahouts. While a criminal case was lodged under the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) against the two mahouts, the elephants were taken to Katraj zoo. Kacchava, who has been hired by Maneka Gandhi’s organisation People for Animals, ...

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Mahout flashes papers, court releases elephant

2007-07-11 - Pune, India.

A Month after the State forest department took two elephants into its custody after their owners were found using them for begging, one of the elephants, Lakshmi, was released by Judicial Magistrate First Class S J Ansari. Lakshmi, who is partially blind due to a cataract in both eyes, was released on a bond of Rs 2 lakh to be paid by her mahout Rameshchandra Pandey, after he furnished the legal ownership certificate issued by the Forest Department at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

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Popular personalities: Lakshmi with Shivan.

Jumbo experience INDIA BEATS

2007-06-24 - Puthenkulam, India.

Puthenkulam is becoming a popular tourist destination as it is home to the largest number of captive elephants in Kerala. The road to this village is not less travelled. But, it is a beaten track travelled by majestic elephants along with human beings. Bhoothakulam Panchayat in Kollam district has the largest number of captive elephants in Kerala and most of them are fr om the Puthenkulam village in this Panchayat.

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No jumbos at Punjab"s jumbo weddings!

2007-06-17 - Punjab, India. Jaideep Sarin

The 'jumbo' wedding plans of many a groom in parts of Punjab now have a last minute hurdle with marriage palace owners at some places refusing to allow elephants inside their complexes. Owners of marriage palaces - where a majority of the weddings in Punjab take place given the vast covered and lawn area that they offer - say that allowing elephants, camels and chariots (raths) becomes a nuisance for them.

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Elephants used for begging sent to Katraj centre

2007-06-07 - Pune, India. Pia Chandavarkar

Two elephants were taken into custody on Wednesday after they were found to be used illegally by two mahouts in the city. While a criminal case has been lodged under the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) against the two mahouts, the elephants have now been taken to the Katraj Zoo for further investigation. The men were using the elephants for begging, which is banned under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act 1960

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Elephant rescued from Nagar rd resort. Under Maneka Gandhi’s coordination forest officials conduct raid

2007-04-08 - Pune, India.

An elephant, a rose-ringed parakeet, 38 doves and pigeons were rescued from the premises of Chokhi Daani, a resort run by the Goel Ganga group of builders on Pune-Ahmednagar road in a raid by forest officials and activists of People for Animals on Saturday night. The operation was co-ordinated by animal rights activist and former union minister Maneka Gandhi.

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Wild elephant collapses in farm

2007-04-06 - PULPPALLI, India.

The Forest Department is providing treatment for a female wild elephant which collapsed in the farm of Neduthanath Anto, at Chamapara here. The animal is said to be seriously ill and was found on Tuesday morning. Veterinary expert Dr.Satheesh is treating the elephant which is about 60-years old.

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Three men killed by rogue elephant in West-Bengal India

2006-12-24 - Purulia, India.

Three men were dashed to death by a rogue elephant at Jhalda area in West Bengal's Purulia district today. Police said the incident occurred when villagers suddenly heard the elephant's movement in the area and rushed to investigate. The elephant killed a man from Pawara village and two from Kulma village in Jhalda's Begunkodor area.

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Surgery conducted on elephant in Puducherry

2006-11-16 - Puducherry, India.

A 45-minute "minor" surgery was conducted here today on an elephant to remove pus from an abscess that had developed on the back of the animal's tail. As soon as the abscess was noticed, the services of a retired professor of a veterinary college of Kerala, K C Panicker, were sought and he rushed here to treat the elephant, said a spokesman of Sri Manakula Vinayakar temple which owns the elephant.

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Elephants kill two

2006-03-01 - PURI, India.

Wild elephants killed two persons and injured one today in Biraramachandrapur village near Sakhigopal. They were heading for the paddy fields. To their shock, they found two elephants moving in the area and ran for cover. Two of them stumbled and fell as the agitated elephants advanced towards them. Bulu Bhoi and Buddhia were killed as they stumbled and fell and the animals trampled them.

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1 Headlines about Elephants from PURI2006-03-01 - PURI, India - Elephants kill two

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