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Export of elephants from Laos to Japan.
Known as “Japan-Laos Goodwill Elephants,” eight predominately young female elephants will soon be shipped from their forested and subtropical homes in north-west Laos, to the cold, concreted and caged Tohoko Safari Park, ...
2012-10-12   Vientiane, Laos Category: relocation

Calgary Zoo elephant Rani pregnant again
Calgary Zoo officials hope the female elephant´s third try at motherhood will be a lot more successful than her previous attempts. Known as Rani by zookeepers, the 22-year-old Asian elephant initially rejected both of h...
2012-03-08   Calgary, United States Category: birth

Tiger, Elephant Parts Found in Thai Slaughterhouse Bust
When two Bangkok cops spotted a man on a street last Saturday whose hands were caked in blood, they decided some tough questioning was in order. The man led them to a nearby house where they found a group of men cutting up tw...
2012-02-08   , Thailand Category: misc

Bringing back the woolly mammoth back to life. The frozen corpse of a baby mammoth from the Siberian steppes has pushed open the doors to the cloning of long-extinct species. But is it right?
Now Japanese scientists believe they may be just four years away from resurrecting something far more impressive – the woolly mammoth. The feat is all down to the discovery of mammoths preserved in the Siberian permafrost ...
2011-03-29   Osaka, Japan Category: research

ShowMe Elephants: Tom Packs Elephants
The Tom Packs Elephants were considered the best trained elephant act of its time. Trained by elephant master Mac MacDonald, they represented the epitome of class and skill throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s. Originally ...
2010-10-06   St. Louis, United States Category: blog

Ivory trade could make Vietnam's elephants extinct within a decade. Country's wild Asian elephant population further endangered as rich get a taste for home-produced ivory
Huong´s dank shop provides some brief respite from the waves of horn-blaring luxury SUVs bullying pedestrians on the pavements of Hanoi. But more crucially, it offers a final resting place, of sorts, for some of Vietnam...
2010-09-21   Hanoi, Vietnam Category: smuggle

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