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Five elephant species lived 8M years ago in central Turkey. Complete elephant skull belonging to Choerolophodon Pentelici, ancestor of elephants, found in Kayseri province
Oksan Basoglu, a professor of archeology at Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University, who is heading excavations told that five different species of elephants, were found. Basoglu underlined that the most interesting piece among t...
2021-03-20   Ankara, Turkey Category: fossil

A Unique 125,000-Year-Old Elephant Fossil Found
Two brothers living in England and interested in fossil hunting as an amateur found a fossil on the beach of Isle of Wight. While this fossil is thought to be an elephant fossil dating back 125,000 years, researchers also sho...
2021-02-06   Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Category: fossil

UM paleontologists discover fossil of extinct elephant in Gopeng cave
Paleontologists from Universiti Malaya (UM) have discovered the fossil of a stegodon, an extinct elephant, in a limestone cave in Gopeng, Perak. It is the first stegodon fossil to have been discovered in Malaysia, with a roug...
2020-10-09   PETALING JAYA, Malaysia Category: fossil

American Mastodon Mitochondrial Genomes Reveal Multiple Lineages
An international team of researchers has conducted a phylogeographic study of the extinct American mastodon (Mammut americanum) based on 35 complete mitochondrial genomes, finding that there were multiple lineages that existe...
2020-09-01   New York, United States Category: research

35 million year old fossils found at four new sites in Dhofar
A team of geologists has discovered four new fossil sites in Dhofar. Remains of elephants, monkeys and primitive giraffes dating back 35 million years have been found at these sites. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Mohammed Hila...
2017-02-02   Muscat, Oman Category: fossil

Found: Ancient Elephant Fossils Hidden Beneath L.A.'s New Subway
Los Angeles was built in a place pockmarked with tar pits, and one of the sites on the extension of the Purple Line is at Wilshire and La Brea, not far from the famous La Brea Tar Pits, which daily yields new finds. Late in N...
2016-12-01   Los Angeles, United States Category: fossil

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