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China's threatened elephants turn into killers. Local people believe the animals are getting angry as the country's runaway development destroys ever more of their habitat
There are fewer than 300 wild elephants left in China, so when Jeremy McGill, an American tourist, stumbled across a group of adults earlier this year in a nature reserve in Yunnan province, near the border with Laos, he whip...
2008-10-26   Beijing, China Category: conflict

Asian elephant unfit for wild after heroin addiction rehab
An Asian elephant who was cured of heroin addiction in southwest China has been declared unfit for the wild, local zoo keepers said on Sunday. Four-year-old male Xiguang and five other elephants became the targets of illegal ...
2008-10-19   Kunming, China Category: misc

"Addicted" elephant heads back to Kunming after heroin detox cure
An Asian elephant who became addicted to drugs after eating a banana smeared with heroin is headed back to Kunming after a three-year detoxification program in China's southernmost Hainan Province. The 4-year-old male elephan...
2008-09-04   Kunming, China Category: medical

China and Laos work together protecting Asian elephants
China and Laos reached an agreement to protect wild endangered Asian Elephants that live along the border between the two countries, during their annual meeting, held currently in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunn...
2008-02-14   Yunnan, China Category: conservation

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