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Videofilm: Yossi kills Atari in Ramat-Gan Safari
A videofilm showing the african bull Yossi killing the female "matriarch" Atari 3rd of April in Ramat-Gan safari in Israel. It sure looks like he influenced by musth hormones.
2007-04-09   Ramat-Gan, Israel Category: film

Murder in the Ramat Gan elephant yard. Worlds largest captive elephant, living in an Israeli zoo, attacks and kills herd's female leader, leaving staff shocked by his behavior
Around 2 pm, toward closing time, Yossi, the 33-year-old male African elephant attacked 46-year-old Atari, brutally slamming her against the yards wall. The blow caused her to fall to the ground, and left her groaning for a f...
2007-04-04   Ramat-Gan, Israel Category: death

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