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Bouncing Baby Boy Elephant, Teddy, Born at the Zoo
Just two months after baby elephant Winnie was born, there’s a new pachyderm in the herd! Sunday at 8:04 p.m., 37-year-old Asian elephant Tess gave birth to a 391-pound male, and the calf began to nurse within hours. The ca...
2021-05-17   Houston, United States Category: birth

Ingenious ways to stop Amboseli Jumbo menace
For ages, marauding elephants of Amboseli have given farmers sleepless nights and scientists have been testing ways of reducing the level of elephant crop damage and the threat to human life in the area. The human wildlife ...
2008-02-27   Amboseli, Kenya Category: conflict

Cold, lack of space cause health and mental problems in zoo elephants: report
Canada's cold climate and small zoo enclosures are making elephants sick, stressed and bored, according to a report released Wednesday by the animal rights group Zoocheck Canada. But people responsible for the animals quickly...
2007-02-08   EDMONTON, Canada Category: welfare

Valley Zoo denies facility bad for elephants
Valley Zoo officials are slamming a report that says their elephant enclosures are the worst in Canada. Valley Zoo spokesman Jan Archbold said the elephants are perfectly fine right where they are. She also said the Valley Zo...
2007-02-08   Edmonton, Canada Category: zoo

ZooCheck again slams Bowmanville Zoo. Says Canada is "no place for elephants"
Mr. Hackenberger suggested ZooCheck, which has made previous allegations about both him and the zoo, releases these reports simply as a money-making venture. They have an anti-zoo agenda and have yet to prove an allegation ag...
2007-02-08   BOWMANVILLE, Canada Category: welfare

Birth control for elephants to start
Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) plans to experiment with contraceptives to control a surging elephant population. KWS Director, Dr Julius Kipngetich, said the experiment would be conducted on elephants at Shimba Hills in the Coa...
2007-02-02   Nairobi, Kenya Category: medical

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