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Botswana says it has solved mystery of mass elephant die-off
Hundreds of elephants died in Botswana earlier this year from ingesting toxins produced by cyanobacteria, according to government officials who say they will be testing waterholes for algal blooms next rainy season to reduce ...
2020-09-22   , Botswana Category: medical

Botswana registers no new elephant deaths since June
Botswana has recorded no new elephant deaths since June this year, Oduetse Koboto, the permanent secretary in Botswana's ministry of environment, natural resources conservation and tourism, has said. The southern African coun...
2020-09-04   Gaborone, Botswana Category: medical

Once seen as loners, male elephants shown to follow elders
A new study shows that teenage males aren't anti-social after all. Younger male elephants were seen tagging along behind older males as they travel from place to place. It's more evidence in an emerging body of research that ...
2020-09-03   Washington, United States Category: research

7-month-old rescued elephant calf finds a mother in Champakali
Champakali has happily taken up the task of mothering the 7-month-old orphan elephant calf rescued from the Raidak river. The calf was rescued on Tuesday and brought to the Jaldapara National Park by foresters
2020-09-03   , India Category: relocation

Packy keeps going as he battles tuberculosis
Packy’s human family at the Oregon Zoo is concerned for the health of the legendary Asian elephant, the oldest living of his kind in North America. The 54-year-old Packy has shown a recurrence of tuberculosis, and trea...
2016-12-15   Portland, United States Category: medical

New Woolly Mammoth Lineage Discovered
A previously unknown European lineage of woolly mammoths once plodded Earth, suggest new DNA analyses, which also provide new evidence for the role of climate change in the animal´s ultimate extinction. a team of resear...
2013-09-11   Stockholm, Sweden Category: evolution

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