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False-Positive Supports Elephant Owner's Suit
Elephant Walk, a USDA-licensed elephant exhibitor, used the STAT-PAK kit to test one of its elephants, Topsy. After the test showed a "reactive" result, Elephant Walk asked for clarification and a retest, claiming that the te...
2014-02-05   Panama City, United States Category: medical

Topsy: New book tells how Thomas Edison electrocuted an innocent elephant at Coney Island
In a tale that interweaves the electrocution of a gentle giant with the electrification of America and the rise of the big top circus, �Topsy,� by Michael Daly, reports that the elephant of the title was not the ser...
2013-07-01   New York, United States Category: book

Edison vs. Elephant on Coney Island
On this very day 105 years ago Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant meant to give rides and carry heavy items on Coney Island...all in the name of science! His science. He came to Coney to prove George Westinghouse and Niko...
2008-01-04   Coney Island, United States Category: misc

The Animals Reader, eds. Linda Kalof and Amy Fitzgerald, (Berg, Oxford, 2007)
The burgeoning field of animal studies has sought to address what Linda Kalof and Amy Fitzgerald call ‘the animal question’: how shall we ‘rethink, rebuild and recast our relationships with other animals’ in the light...
2007-08-11   London, United Kingdom Category: book

Gold Rules, Pachyderms Die in Lively Stories of Money and Power
The day Thomas Edisons men electrocuted an elephant. Edison sent his men to Coney Island in 1903 to use AC to execute Topsy, a rogue elephant that had killed handlers. Bombarded with 6,000 volts, Topsy crashed to the ground, ...
2006-11-09   New York, United States Category: book

An Elephant Crackup?
Were not going anywhere, my driver, Nelson Okello, whispered to me one morning this past June, the two of us sitting in the front seat of a jeep just after dawn in Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda. We’d ...
2006-10-08   Los Angeles, United States Category: wild

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