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Arrival of Billy Smart's Circus in Weymouth in 1961
These pictures were taken in 1961 and show Billy Smart's Circus arriving in town. They were taken by the bridge opposite Knightsdale Road by the Marsh, where the Big Top would be pitched and the circus would be held. There se...
2020-12-10   Weymouth, United Kingdom Category: circus

6 leading activists, conservationists and scientists: Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan Age: 30, Wildlife researcher, Elephant Conservationist
Vijayakrishnan developed an academic interest in elephants. He initially wanted to get a degree in forestry, but realised it would lead to more of an administrative job. The book, Elephant Days And Nights: Ten Years With The ...
2020-10-01   Bangalore, India Category: people

The extinct woolly mammoth was as smart as African elephant, says pioneering new brain analysis
Elephants are famed for their intelligence, and now it seems likely that the long-gone woolly mammoths were just as clever. Scientists from Russia and South Africa combined to undertake the first-ever comparison between the b...
2015-11-12   Yakutia, Russian Federation Category: evolution

Keepers teach orphaned elephants to raise young
African elephants brought to zoos in Japan are often unable to raise their offspring because many lost their parents to poaching by ivory hunters. But they are smart enough to learn from their keepers, said Osamu Shiina, who ...
2013-12-17   Tobe, Japan Category: people

Thrill-seekers take jumbo-size risks
Feeding wild elephants and enticing them with homemade bites or fast-food leftovers is encouraging a bad and potentially lethal habit – potentially lethal to the humans who tempt the wild animals, who might the next moment ...
2012-01-21   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: misc

The Size of an Elephant’s Foot Print
We talked to the Senior Elephant Keeper Ron Ringer, who gave us a breif explanation of the Center. Then Anne Alfama, the Lead Keeper of Elephant Odyssey, gave a basic rundown of both the Center and the Odyssey. She emphasiz...
2010-10-27   San Diego Zoo, United States Category: zoo

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