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The elephant house in Tierpark Berlin is now empty, first time since 1955
The last elephants left East Berlin Tierpark to Leipzig today, leaving the elephant house empty for the first time since 1955. After renovation, which will take two years, only African elephants will be kept in the renovated ...
2020-09-25   Berlin, Germany Category: facility

Baby elephant born at Berlin Zoo
Baby Asian elephant calf Dimas made his first public appearance today at the Tierpark in Berlin, Germany. The four-day old elephant was born on 15 March to mother elephant, Cynthia. He weights 194 kilograms and stands 94cm ta...
2010-03-19   Berlin, Germany Category: birth

Drei Tierpark-Elefanten nach Rostow am Don
(Translated by Yahoo! Babel Fish) Three Asian elephants from the Tierpark Berlin Friedrichsfelde began the long journey on Monday into the zoo of Rostow at the Don in Russia. Animal park boss Bernhard Blaszkiewitz communicate...
2009-08-29   Berlin, Germany Category: relocation

14th elephantcalf at Tierpark Berlin is born
Yesterday Kewa, at Tierpark Berlin, delivered her fourth calf. Father of this 14th elephantcalf at Tierpark Berlin is Ankhor. And .... it's a female calf!
2008-12-14   Berlin, Germany Category: birth

Tierpark Berlin
Because Berlin was split into two different cities for quite a while, it has two of everything, like its two zoos! We've been to the Zoo Berlin (West Berlin) many times, but this past Saturday, April 12, we visited the Tierpa...
2008-04-16   Berlin, Germany Category: blog

A Berlin girl moves to Munich! Asian elephant Temi transfered from Berlin to Munich
On the 28.10.06 the young elephant cow "Temi" arrived in Hellabrunn with a special transporter. She was placed here by the zoo Berlin Friedrichsfelde. She was accompanied by her animal keeper, Mr Thomas Günther, who will sta...
2006-11-02   Munich, Germany Category: relocation

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