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Bouncing Baby Boy Elephant, Teddy, Born at the Zoo
Just two months after baby elephant Winnie was born, there’s a new pachyderm in the herd! Sunday at 8:04 p.m., 37-year-old Asian elephant Tess gave birth to a 391-pound male, and the calf began to nurse within hours. The ca...
2021-05-17   Houston, United States Category: birth

The WEIRD Psychology of Elephants
Yasui S, Konno A, Tanaka M, Idani G, Ludwig A, Lieckfeldt D, & Inoue-Murayama M (2012). Personality Assessment and Its Association With Genetic Factors in Captive Asian and African Elephants. The researchers write, “this st...
2012-10-03   Tokyo, Japan Category: research

Peter Beard, Uncensored: A Rollicking Interview with the Photography King
This year the Pirelli Calendar has 52 pages of what you might call the elephant metaphor. The entire ecology of the elephant is more similar to us [and our fate] than any other animal – adapting to the damage we both cause ...
2008-07-17   Toronto, Canada Category: people

Tunica mastodon loses tooth
Recently, high water flushed a bear out of the woods, and now Angola has another significant discovery: a mastodon tooth found by Lt. Col. Joe Norwood on family property in the Tunica Hills near the penitentiary. LSU paleonto...
2008-05-15   Tunica Hills , Angola Category: fossil

Elephant man finds solution to a Jumbo problem
The observation that pets often resemble their owners is perhaps an unkind way to begin a story about an elephant keeper. But for Tony Ratcliffe and his beloved African elephant Jumbo, inseparable for 30 years, the comparison...
2008-05-11   Warkworth, New Zealand Category: circus

Try this on for size
While taking a pet for a walk might be a pleasant stroll for some, it takes on a whole different scale for elephant keeper Amar Obaidat and his charges at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Every morning the herd of elephants are ta...
2007-07-05   Jerusalem, Israel Category: zoo

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