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Oldest Asian Elephant Dies at Age 86 at Zoo
Grandpa Lin Wang, the world’s oldest Asian elephant in captivity died in Taipei yesterday. He was 86. The old pachyderm was found dead in his pen pond at the Taipei City Zoo at Mucha at 200 a.m. “He died in dignity from e...
2009-01-31   Taipei, Taiwan Category: death

Tarzan's Cheeta, Now the Oldest Swinger in Town
The oldest known elephant reached the ripe old age of 86. Lin Wang was originally from Myanmar, and was captured in 1943 by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) army from Japanese troops, then transported to Taiwan in 1947. Wh...
2007-04-15   London, United Kingdom Category: book

Taiwan Zoo Faces Serious Sex Issues
A Taiwan zoo has become the laughing stock for having mistaken a female elephant for a male for 28 years, a newspaper said on Sunday. The Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung, south Taiwan, received two baby African elephants from a US ...
2007-03-05   Kaohsiung, Taiwan Category: zoo

Taipei Zoo: Asian Elephants with Zookeepers.
Asian elephants with Zookeepers in Taipei Zoo. Photo by Danburg Murmur, taken on October 15, 2006, with a Canon PowerShot S2 IS.
2006-10-18   Taipei, Taiwan Category: pictures

Ivory smuggling plot uncovered. Customs officials discovered 18 wooden boxes filled with about 350 elephant tusks, which were intended to be transferred to Manila
Kaohsiung Harbor officials yesterday discovered a large amount of ivory in cargo that had originated in Tanzania. The Kaohsiung Customs Office found an estimated 350 tusks in two containers, weighing around 2,500kg and valued...
2006-07-05   Manila, Taiwan Category: smuggle

Ling Wang on display at Taipei City Zoo
A stuffed replica of the famous elephant, Ling Wang, is on display at the Taipei City Zoo. The eighty-six year old elephant is a common memory for many generations in Taiwan. After two years of construction, the life-sized sp...
2004-10-17   Taipei, Taiwan Category: zoo

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